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Update: 6/11/2016

Stuff I Wrote: March 2016 Capsule Reviews

Looks like we're going to need a 2016 Update Log, soon...


Update: 5/15/2016

Pero is out-of-town visiting family this weekend, so I thought I'd surprise him by updating myself. There are two announcements:

1. The RSS feed has changed again (hopefully for the last time). If you were subscribed to the old one, you'll have to change over to the new one.

2. February 2016 Capsule Reviews

That's all. ~FO

Update: 4/3/2016

Hello, everyone. As much as I'd like to say this is a late April Fool's Day joke, for better or worse, it's not. My name is Pero Velasquez. I am now in charge of The original hostess is no longer capable of keeping the site updated or maintained, so she has turned control over to me and our mutual friend, Daryn (aka, Minerva K Red).

I'm not sure what I'll be doing with the site in the foreseeable future. For now, I will maintain it as an archive and answer questions. The "Contact" button, which was previously defunct for several months, now goes to a page with a new site email address and general guidelines for contacting us.

I have removed the Jukebox Updates section that was at the bottom of this page because it is unlikely I will update the music as I do not have the know-how for that. My partner, Daryn, does but says she's not likely to have time for it right now.

As a matter of principle, I will not be accepting ads for this site. I have removed all expired ads and will only honor the remaining ads until the time runs out.

Memory Card has been scaled down to remove defunct and seemingly unrelated sites.

Unfortunately, I cannot restore the Equinox Shrine because of a DMCA Takedown Notice. Questions about that game should be deferred to the forums. Since I've actually beaten it, I can probably answer them. I've replaced the link in the menu with the Zelda: Ocarina of Time Shrine.

Currently, I'm taking an indeterminate hiatus from Twitter, but if you'd like to follow me anyway, this is my account: Pero_Velasquez. However, I will only follow back accounts that look legit. Any accounts that look like bots, spam, porn, or are too political, I will not follow back. Also, if I follow you, but then you unfollow me later, I will also unfollow you. So, don't bother doing this thinking you'll gain a new follower and I won't notice you left.

That's about it for now. -Pero

Update: 2/14/2016

I just learned the final fate of my childhood Donkey Kong arcade machine.

For those who don't know this story, a place near where I used to live in New Jersey as a child rented arcade machines. I developed a strange fascination with the Donkey Kong game and it became directly responsible for me becoming a video gamer, moreso than any other single game.

Eventually that place phased out the arcade games and changed owners, so I never saw the machine again for years...until one day, as an adult, I went to Seaside Heights, NJ, with Crawl and we found an arcade there. I could tell by distinguishing damage marks that the Donkey Kong cabinet was in fact the same one that had been rented by that market that I had played years ago as a kid.

Several years ago, I knew about Hurricane Sandy and the fire on the NJ boardwalk, but I didn't become aware until recently of just how badly damaged and/or destroyed most of the businesses there were. I think I heard that a rollercoaster was damaged in the storm and an ice cream shop (which I remember going to) had burned down. But, actually, pretty much everything was burned down, including the arcade that housed the Donkey Kong machine.

So, yeah, there you have it. I guess if there's any consolation, it's that I know it had a good final run where people enjoyed it and even posted pictures of it online.

Also, since attention got diverted by that weird "hidden file" fiasco and it's also related to games I played as a child, I'm reposting

Robot Rescue: A 30-Year Search For the Game That Time Forgot

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