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Update: 1/23/2017

Hello, visitors. Not a new admin, just a guest blogger. My name is James, and I'm one of the staffers of the DHN Community Archive. FO and Pero are doing this as a favor to me. I have a song mystery that I'm hoping someone can solve.

Since 2015, we've had a tradition of posting songs in the Port Saiid Music Forum. A few weeks ago, someone posted Stevie Wonder's "Hold On To Your Dream", which stoked a memory of another song I heard in the 80's that had lyrics about holding on to dreams, but was not the same as the Stevie Wonder song. I Googled the lyrics I could remember, thinking it would be identified shortly. The only lyrics I remember are the chorus, which went something like this:

"Keep holding on, holding on to the dreams that make tomorrow.
Keep holding on, never stop holding your dreams!"

After searching through several pages of results, I could not find a match. I inquired about the song on both Port Saiid and Twitter, and some people offered suggestions of other songs about holding onto dreams, but none were a match to what I remembered. I asked my older sister. She seemed to remember it, but her suggestions all turned out to be wrong, too. For all intents and purposes, it seems like this song simply does not exist.

I began to think I had imagined it, except I finally stumbled upon *one* reference to it in a posting on

I'm positive that the song this person quoted is the same one I remember. He/she attributed it to Richard Marx, but I cannot find a Richard Marx song with these lyrics. I'm thinking they confused it with "Hold On to the Nights", which is not the same song. This song I remember was faster-paced. However, the vocalist was male, and the style was similar to 70's/80's bands like Jefferson Starship, Survivor, and Triumph.

FO found an archived webpage that also showed the same lyrics being quoted in a high school yearbook from 1988. The yearbook gave no artist for the lyrics, but it does prove the song had to have been from 1988 or earlier. I wondered if it would help to know that I lived in the Chicago area in the 80s because I thought it might have been something that was only popular locally, but that yearbook is from a high school in Masachusetts, so maybe not.

I'm hoping someone else remembers this song and call tell me what it is - the name of the song and the artist, and if there's some chance it's from a movie or TV show, what one?

If you know, either send it to the staff email, or contact me on Twitter: @JamesMendou


Update: 1/19/2017

Hello, site readers. This is not a normal update. This is more like a Public Service Announcement from someone who's "been there". As you may be aware, the Port Saiid Community has been the official forums of for as long as the site has been around. Through it, I've dealt with many kinds of people on the internet, and it's had its ups and downs. I became active on Twitter in 2015 during an extended Yuku outage (Yuku being the service that hosts the forums). Since then, I've seen a lot happen and I've met even more people, and there's something that's been nagging at me and I want to address it here. I've wanted to for some time, but didn't feel competent enough before now.

Be careful with online friendships. Something happened to me in 2014 that made me realize I had been taken advantage of. For years, in fact. Because I have a cyclothymic disorder, my mind didn't know how to handle it, how to make sense of it. I vacillated between blaming myself, blaming the "friend", and blaming others. I worry that people with mental health disorders could be more vulnerable to this sort of thing, but it's imporant to understand that in this situation, the problem is not your disorder, and in fact, it's not you at all.

Sometimes, people only want to be friends with you because they want something from you. If someone is constantly complaining to you about every problem in their life, but never seems to do anything to help themselves - never gets proper counseling, never does anything to improve the situation - this is not normal and there is a good chance that they won't return the favor if you ever have a problem in your own life. If something doesn't feel right about the situation, don't be afraid to set personal boundaries. I don't have the best advice to impart for this. I would suggest researching online what to do about toxic friendships. All I know is that if I had it to do all over again, I would inform the person that you can't keep coming to me with these problems until you take action IRL to resolve them. You don't have to be mean to the person, but remove yourself emotionally.

This situation got so out of control, that before I realized how used I had become, I ended up giving this person money. Once that happened, I found myself promptly cut out. Once the con had what he wanted, I was no longer needed. Thankfully, it wasn't much money. When my life was falling apart in 2014, do you think this person would remember all the times he brought his problems to my community and received utmost support and even money, and return some of that favor? I was naive.

No matter how much someone like this complains about their financial situation, don't ever give them money. You might find yourself in the same situation if you do. The internet is a bigger place now than it was back when this problem of mine started, so you can probably link them to websites that can help them out. Don't let anyone put the burden of their well-being on your shoulders. That's not your responsibility. People who need help can only help themselves. Also, be cautious of some of the language I've heard used in these situations to put control over you. In times when I had cut out other emotionally toxic people, I heard language like, "You just like holding grudges", "You need to reconcile", "You shouldn't get mad", and "You need to invite the person back".

You are in no way obligated to continue being friends with anyone on the internet, regardless of who they are friends with, what sites they visit, what social networks they use, or how popular they are. Anyone who tries to force you to continue being around people that hurt you, make you uncomfortable, or try to take advantage of you, and refuses to see any kind of reason on this, is not your friend, either, and they will only end up trying to control you, too. There's a lot more to this story that I don't care to go into right now. It's not really necessary. We'll just say that it involved hateful and manipulative behavior on Twitter in 2016 that brought the situation to a bursting point, and that was when I finally put my foot down and ended it, once and for all.

I had promised my co-admin, Pero, that I wouldn't complain about 2014 anymore. I hope he doesn't see this as a breach of my promise. I'm past it now, but I really feel it's important for people to know this. Especially since I see people on Twitter occasionally longing for more and better friendships. Just watch out, because sometimes it may seem like you're getting what you want, but it might just be too good to be true.


Update: 1/15/2017

There's been a fad in the media lately of people finding glitches or odd tricks in old video games that may be somewhat obscure, but have actually been known and documented on various websites and videos for years, and acting like those tricks are completely new. The most recent case in point was people acting like the sliding glitches in Super Mario World were only recently unearthed when they not only appear in the top results on search engines for "Super Mario World glitches", but can also be found being performed in YouTube videos that are several years old. A good rule of thumb if you think you've discovered something in a game that's decades old and has been thoroughly played and dissected by now is to do a quick search (Bing, Google, whatever your choice site is) to see if someone has already mentioned it. Chances are, someone has, and there's probably also an explanation as to why it happens.

On that note, I found this in River City Ransom years ago, but never made a video until now. I didn't think it was necessary because I figured people would just try the trick themselves. However, now I'm concerned that someone will try it, and then claim they're the first to discover it. So, here it is:

This is what (sometimes) happens when you start a new game in River City Ransom, but don't touch any buttons. Enjoy!


Update: 1/14/2017

Hello, everyone. I believe we may have (somewhat) solved a video game mystery that's over a decade old. Perhaps you remember that whole "L is Real 2041" mystery from Super Mario 64? In case you don't, there's a mysterious star statue in the castle courtyard that has a plaque with nearly indecipherable writing on it, as seen in my screenshot here:

Here is the tile ripped from the game in its native resolution:

For years, players thought the upper row said, "L is Real 2041", and deduced that it was some vague hint at Luigi being hidden somewhere in the game.

I think it's possible that we finally deciphered the tile's handwriting, although we can safely say it has nothing to do with Luigi and likely was never intended to.

It was already known for a few years that the upper row of letters actually says, "Eternal Star", not "L is Real 2041". The plaque being sitauted on a star sculpture, and the final level of Mario Party being called "Eternal Star", easily back up this theory.

But nobody was able to tell what the second row said, although many sources agreed it was likely an artist credit for whoever made the sculpture.

If we're right about what it says,'s nothing earth-shattering, but it makes the most sense of anything I've heard:

"Eternal Star By Super M", as in "Super Mario".

The real question is...what's the deal with this thing? Obviously, it has nothing to do with Luigi, but certainly it must have some purpose, right? I don't know, but I can speculate that since the final level of Mario Party is the Eternal Star, it may have been planned to have such a level in Super Mario 64 at one point, and maybe this was intended to be the gateway to it. Perhaps this was overruled by the developers wanting Bowser's final battlefield to take the shape of a star when he pounds the floor as the fight goes on instead of being on a star to begin with.

Credit goes to my co-admin, Minerva K Red for being the one who came up with this particular theory, although really it grew out of the combined efforts of the community's sleuthing:

Original Topic of Discussion @ Port Saiid


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