I came up with an idea to help earn a little extra support for that I think is either one of the greatest ideas I've ever had or one of the stupidest. When I ran into some financial difficulties a few months back (and we're not completely out of the woods yet on that, either), I asked for donations, which I felt guilty about doing, but I was very thankful to everyone who helped out. I thought of this idea which might be a little more fun for everyone than just outright begging.

Here's what I propose: Donate $5.00 to the site and I will do something for the site at your suggestion. Basically, pay me to write for you. Here's how this would work:

For example, suppose you really want to see me write a review for an NES game. You'd like to me to play it and review it because you're curious to know what I'd think of it and you'd just really like to read a brand new review. (And you like the idea that you'd be helping to support the site.)

What you would do is contact me and I will let you know if I accept the challenge or not. If I accept, donate $5.00 to the site's Paypal account and as soon as I see that the money is there, I will start on your challenge as soon as possible.

While I will try to make it a point to only accept challenges that I am confident I can complete, if for some reason I cannot finish the challenge in a reasonable amount of time (or at all), I will refund your $5.00.

If you like this idea, here's the steps you'll need to take:

1. Come up with a challenge for me.

2. Email it to me at or post it in this topic on the Forums.

3. Wait for me to respond and let you know if I accept the challenge or not.

4. If I accept, send your $5.00 donation to my Paypal account here:

5. And I will keep you updated on my progress with your challenge!

A $5.00 donation may seem small, but little things can add up and it would go to help support this site and keep it going in the long run, especially during times when money is tight and every little bit counts. And you get to know that you helped contribute to both the longevity and content of this site!

Game Reviews are just one idea, but challenges don't have to necessarily be limited to reviews. Maybe you'd like a new Switched at Birth? article, or have an idea for an Oddities page, or really want me to work on one of those unfinished game shrines, or have something completely different in mind.

However, I'm obligated to make mention of a few things I cannot or will not do for a $5.00 FO Challenge:


Hopefully, you can understand why I can't accept money for putting up music as it could potentially get me in a lot of trouble.


My apologies, but you'd have to pay me a lot more than $5.00 to get me to touch that thing ever again.

As far as game reviews go, I'm more likely to accept the challenge if it's a game I already own or can be easily emulated. Therefore, I'm more likely to be able to accept challenges for older games as I own many old game systems, many games for them, and most can be emulated. I do not own a PSP, XBOX360, or Playstation3, so please withold suggesting titles exclusive to those systems. Also, if the game relies heavily on dialogue, then an English version or patch must exist as I'm not going to learn Japanese for this.

1. Eat and Review a Totino's Hamburger Party Pizza (with photographs)

2. Play and review Sneak King for the Xbox

3. Play and review Amplitude for Playstation 2
4. Play and review Retro Game Challenge for Nintendo DS
5. Play and review Shadow of the Beast 3 for Amiga
6. Play and review Earthbound 0 for NES


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