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Question #80
FROM: Sonic the Hedgehog

Dear Flyingomelette guy, what do you think of my Video Game & Cartoon Look-Alike Characters web site?


Tell me ways I could improve on it, what is your favorite look-alike and so forth?

P.S. Would you like to show this on your Message Board or links?

Thanks, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Dear Sonic,

The best advice I can give you is to get it onto a hosting service that isn't so (over)loaded with pop-ups and doesn't take so long to load the images.

Question #79
FROM: Emma

Hi! I found your website and it is awesome! I have been playing games since I was kid back when the first Atari came out. And I am glad I came across your interesting and most helpful website. My question is with regards to music. I adore video game music and there are some music that is hard for me to get my hands on. I noticed you have some music already from Ys *happy* But I was hoping you could get me a couple of songs from Ys that arenít on your website, but hopefully Crawl has them. One song is the Shrine music in Ys-1. And the other music plays when you visit the statues with the books in Ys -2. There is one more song I canít find and that is from Alundra and it is toward the end of the game when you do the last puzzle room I believe before you get to the treasure. Everyone who has the soundtrack to Alundra donít have that song which I wonder why they cut it out of the soundtrack. I really appreciate any help. I would be glad to share whatever music I have with you too ^_^


And keep up the good work ^^

Dear Emma,

I put up the Shrine music from Ys 1, but I have no idea what music is used for the "statues and books" room in Ys 2 since I haven't played the game. I did put up the Canal music, but I don't know if that's it. The Alundra music question puzzles me. I haven't played that game in awhile, but wouldn't the music in the final room just be the same as the Lake Shrine theme? Otherwise, it should be in the PSF set somewhere, but I don't know which one it is...

Question #78
FROM: Zarlox Hargman

When I found a survey that said the average gamer was 30 years old, I wanted to find if that was true for a random one I would come across. Am I right if I say you are born... 1974? If I am then you owe me a PS6.

Dear Zarlox,

You're off by two years. No PS6 for you.

Question #77
FROM: Keith Armstrong

trying to find a rare rpg

the game was on nes it played like faxanadu but you looked down on the character like legend of zelda you could pick if you was a thief a warrior i think a monk or something related to that sort of thing and when you equipped armor and swords you could see the little dude wearing it, it was one of the first few games that did that i have looked over several release lists and still cant find it it is not dragon warrior, zeld, legacy of wizard or , final fantasy

Dear Keith,

I have no idea what it could be. It doesn't sound familiar to me. You could also make a party out of characters with varying classes (warrior, monk, thief, healer, etc.) in Ultima: Exodus, but I don't remember being able to see the difference in equipment when you put it on.

Question #76
FROM: Zarlox Hargman

How old are you?

Dear Zarlox,

Old enough.

Question #75
FROM: carol ztluf

HI! This is someone..who's name doesn't want to be said! Lol...anyway--About the SSBM, there IS going to be another game. It's called Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The most outstanding reason why I want you to care(other than these are literally going to be THE best graphics ever, not including holograms and such)...is because Pit is in it!!

HE....LOOKS.....SO....COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He inspired me to draw many things, and create this fantasy species of "bird-people" called the "Picari"(I'm a bit of an expert at drawing fantasy anime...and I'm only 12! lol!). Yeah...and trust me, I don't inspire easily. Yeah. The graphics ARE that good. See for yourself:


As a matter of fact, when I went to wikipedia to research SSBB, when I first heard that Pit was going to be a character, I thought that it sucked that a "character slot" was wasted on him. Now...he's my favorite character!!!!!!!

Keep lovin' Pit,

Ca--oops, I don't want you to know my name, remember? LOL!(and i put a fake name for my e-mail account)

Dear Carol,

1. The graphics really don't look that much different from a typical Gamecube game.

2. It's not that funny.

Question #74
FROM: Ricky

Dear FlyingOmelette,

Your Kid Icarus Shrine has alot of useful information and resources. I'm beginning to work on a guide for Kid Icarus and plan on making a fansite in the near future. As a result, I was wondering if I could use the resources on your site to help accomplish this. Thank you for your time!

Dear Ricky,

While I'm all for there being more sites devoted to classic games like Kid Icarus, it's generally not good netiquette to steal from other people's sites. Now, with the exception of my own conversions, I stole the midis from www.vgmusic.com and the scans came from ebay auctions, so those I won't complain about if you take. For the fanart, you'll want permission from the artists who submitted them. But everything else on the site I made myself. I made the scans, took the screen captures, did the sprite edits, and wrote the text. I don't mind if you want to take a few things, but if you try to copy the whole site, it won't benefit you in any way. People will know where you copied it from and they'll get on your case about it. Believe it or not, I've actually had people copy stuff from this website before, and then those who saw the copy first turned around and accused ME of being the thief. This is why I like to keep a site history log because I can always point right to the entry in question, and it's always conveniently date-stamped to show when it was added to the site, which in many cases, proves who was first. With that said, good luck to you and your site. Thanks for asking permission first because many people won't even do that.

Question #73
FROM: Natalie

Dear FO,

Greetings, and Salutations! My name is Natalie, and I am an artist, and huge fan of video games as a whole.

Though I am not yet part of the fortunate 'in-crowd' who own anything over a PS1, but I do own a NES, N64, Intellivision, and Atari 2600.

My husband, also a video game enthusiast, likes to collect games for all our vintage systems, alongside me of course!

I stumbled upon your site while looking up pics of Chunky Kong, as I have been meaning to make my own Chunk shirt for some time. So, I clicked on your WONDERFUL Chunky page, and went wacko! I mean, for one thing, your humor is similar to mine in your writing, as well as the wonderful comments and musings that make the Chunky info page so enjoyable.

I first got into Chunky when I moved to Cali about 6 years back, and my now husband helped furnish my new apartment with a tv and N64. I then discovered the grandness that is Chunky.

He stole my heart as well! I love it when he plays the triangle and does that ballet-style 'toe twinkle'. I also love how he can throw himself around, and love his tacky clothes.

I do have a few theories about his afro/70's clothes in the monkey rap scene, as well as few other things, so here goes:

1) As the rap is attempting to be cool(terribly), he also attempts to don the clothes of what he thinks is 'hip'.Naturally, since he is kinda slow upstairs, he fails, and ends up making us all laugh.

2) I think he is a big ol softie, and thus could be why he wants to be chosen in the barrel, but declines when picked. In other words, he's chicken when it comes down to it, dispite the massive size.

3) 'Take it to the fridge' could be a song structure reference 'play on words', where some musicians say,'Take it to the bridge'-as in bridge of a song. That, and since they sing about lots of fruits, those tend to be stored in refridgerators.:)

Mind you, those are just my takes, and people can add or take away from what they see in him too.:)

But getting back to that well-written Chunky page!!...

Your pics and descriptions of him waving in the mine cart was soooo funny,particularly when he waves goodbye to the coins! LOL Plus, I liked the areas in the monkey rap where he is out of step from the rest.:)

At the end when the rap says the bit about the walnuts,peanuts, pineapple smells...I adore Chunky doing that sort of swaying arm thing. I would adore a way to just watch him doing that only, over and over.What a loop! ^_^

And I too fear I watched the rap over and over, just to see Chunky in action.And I agree, how is darn Lanky related???

I am still only 87% done with the game, as I really suck at being diddy when he flies. I guess I don't know diddy about navigating diddy. I just struggle so much with trying to get him places that way, let alone in a race. By the way, I loathe the races!!!

And alot of the swimming. The controls did not always work for me, in that I had to really get stuck alot of times, only to get squashed and press buttons frantically in hopes of escape. And DON't get me started about Beaver Bother(screams obscene things)

I have not navigated over all of your site yet, but some of it-namely the oddities, were extremely funny.

That weird RPG Earthbound game may have shown the sesame seeds as a way of being endearing. Sesame is frequently used in alot of asian/japanese things, and they are notorious for personifying EVERYTHING-even food. Perhaps they hoped to make a way for the main character to unite the seeds initially? Or maybe just a weird way of showing love lorn characters that were cutesy? The japanese are oft zany!

There are several games(or, usually more!) on NES I never got to play.But! I certainly get the idea with you mentionings on your hilarious Oddities pages. The porn one was tooooooo funny. Here's added takes on some of those:

1) In Ghosts and Goblins, I believe(though the pixles are simple) the demon's arms are down around the girl, carrying her.The upper part near the wings are his poorly designed shoulders.Or so it seems to me.

2)Ring King I have never,ever seen, and never known about! I am stunned at that insinuation of 'warming up'! But it truly looks as if that's what is going on! In Japan, many attitudes toward sex and the like are much more ok everywhere-even possible where children can see and attempt to understand. Same goes for the 'porn book'. More japanese zanines!

3)In Kid Ninja, you seriously brought back some memories. I played and played that game, via a borrow from a neighbor. Man it was lame, but I still desired to master it! Why is that? It moves poorly, and jumps lamely, but one still desires to get somewhere.

The 'Bad Breath' may very well have been another edit for the PC nature of american video gamers, as Japan also loves those kind of jokes(as does Korea). You are probably right on in assuming it's his bad digestion!

But lastly, I was so happy that you're a girl! I mean, so few people I find are female that love video games(including the old skool ones).

And, if you'd like to know a little more about me, go here: www.geocities.com/creatornat I am also on ebay every week selling my work under the name'natamon'. So if you go there, and go to the area where you can search users, type my name in to see more.

I am fairly sure you wrote some of you site some time ago, but I just had to get a dialog going with you anyways. You rock!

I have to hit the hay, but do write back soon FO!

Til soon,

P.s. Where did your Flying O name originate?

Dear Nat,

I thought that some of Diddy Kong's tasks were the amongst the hardest to pull off in Donkey Kong 64. The very last banana I got was one of his. There are hundreds of theories as to what is really going on in a lot of the stuff covered in the oddities sections, and while there is probably a logical (and true) explanation for most of it, it's just funny to point out how things can look when viewed from a different perspective. You don't want to know where my name originated. It's kind of gross.

Question #72
FROM: Sonic the Hedgehog

Dear Flyingomelette guy,

Do you like the Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game Series for the Sega Genesis and other video game systems?

Thanks, Sonic the Hedgehog

Dear Sonic,

I haven't played enough of any of them to have formed an opinions, but Crawl says the first one is okay.

Question #71
FROM: DiscoSnorlax

On the commentary for http://www.flyingomelette.com/cartoons/tf/anim/optimus.gif you contemplate where his trailer goes when he transforms.

I don't know for sure, but my guess? Read this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammerspace


Dear DiscoSnorlax,

Sounds like a renamed version of the Subspace Theory. I personally think the trailer is always just offscreen.

Question #70
FROM: Niero

I love your site!! We linked to ya :-)


Dear Niero,


Question #69
FROM: Heitzinger

I really liked your review for Banjo Kazooie. Tell me, have you played Banjo Tooie and if you did, did you like it as much as the first? What about the third one for game boy advance?

Dear Heitzinger,

I've only played the first one.

Question #68
FROM: Andy Styles

dear flying omelette

i was wondering weva u have anything bout omelette history

Dear Andy,

Sorry, but no I don't. You'll have to try a website that's dedicated to real omelettes.

Question #67
FROM: Dave

I was browsing your sight and I saw that you ranked the ending theme of Faxanadu in your top 50. Good taste. I just wanted to clarify that the composer of Faxanadu's music is named Jun Chikuma. She (or he) specializes in Arab music and has composed for the Bomberman sieries. I was in contact with her/him lately via e-mail and sh/he has mentioned that as of lately, many people have been commenting on the music from Faxandu which she is very proud of. I don't know if its a dude or a woman though. I've seen pictures of a woman but I have read articles where Jun was addressed as "he". I haven't dared to ask via e-mail.

Dear Dave,

Thanks for the information! It's always good to know the names of the composers of the music I like so much. Faxanadu does have some of my favorite music on the NES. I only hope those midis I converted do it justice. According to this website, "Jun" is a female name, but I don't really know for a fact.

Question #66
FROM: Sonic the Hedgehog

Dear Flyingomelette guy,

I would like permission to use some of your Switched at Birth archive pictures? I plan to make a successor web site called The Switched at ReBirth? It features:

All of the best Switched at Birth pics.

All new Switched at Birth pics.

A hilarious theme song at the start of the web site.

Awesome mp3 music from all of my favorite Video Games.

New improved web page color segment.

And credits at the end of the web site with all the people involved.

Switched at ReBirth? Submissions by me or other users.

A message board to submit your pics and info.

A help wanted page for wanted pics and submissions.


I am doing this because I really like your Switched at Birth? Archive. Please get back to me and let me know if I can use some of your pictures.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Dear Sonic,

If you want to make a "Switched at Birth" page, I can't really stop you, and in fact, I had no idea a similar page already existed when I started mine. However, I would hope that you could come up with your own original SAB's rather than taking mine. But if you absolutely must, then you must give credit to this site (ie, a link back) and in the case of reader submissions, credit to the person who submitted them. Of course, if anyone who submitted to this site also wants to send their submissions to yours, that's entirely their choice.

Just one other word of advice - I'm not sure what is meant by "hilarious theme song at the start of the web site", but music that automatically loads on webpages can be annoying and crash some people's browsers. If you choose to do that, at least make it visible so that it can be turned off, or else give us the option to skip the intro page.

Question #65
FROM: Eric

Your link has been added on my site and you can find it by going to

http://www.videogames101.net/ - Click "Links" on the table.

Please add a link to my site and let me know where it's located.

Dear Eric,

Thanks! I'll be adding your link to my site today. It'll be located on the Links Page, in the "Friends" section in alphabetical order.

Question #64
FROM: Aron O. Willis

Dear Flying Omlette,

I've got so much I want to say, but I'm going to keep it simple.

First, thanks for taking the time to put together such a nice web site. I know it's a lot of work, but it shows. The simplicity, the layout, ease of movement, info updates...keep it up! The big name video game sites are crammed with too much that I give up waiting for it to load. Yours on the other hand is simple & loads quickly.

But more than that, your reviews of the games that you've played comes straight from the heart. I can tell (you and Crawl 1000) in what you write and I appreciate it. Not since Lee Iaccocca's two books have I found someone who has a down to earth, pure simplicity style of writing. Your ideas are conveyed completely. So much so that I almost feel compeled to run to the store (or Ebay) and buy the game I just read you review. That's all.

Now, the second thing I'd like to know about is how do you get screen shots of the video games you play onto your site. I'd like to do that, but I don't know how. I'm sure its not that hard, but what software do I need. Or do I just plug my Sega Genesis into my Desktop? :-) Just kidding.

But seriously F.O. do you see my point. I admire well made video games and would like to add screen images to my web site (when I get around to making one). But I just don't know how. And the way you have yours nicely arranged and all is really impressive.

Stealing images is wrong,and besides there are specific shots that I want to show, not what someones else has. So, any info would be appreciated.

And with that, thanks again for such a well made web site, keep up the good work, and have nice day!


Aron O. Willis

Grocery Truck Driver

Tacoma, Washington

Dear Aron,

Thanks so much for the comments on the site! As for the screenshots, it depends on the game system. For older, defunct systems, I use emulators, but it's not something I can endorse doing. If you choose to use emulators, you're doing so at your own risk. For newer sysems and disk-based systems, I use a video capture card that you install directly into your computer. The console then gets hooked up to the card and the software allows me to take screen captures. I don't remember exactly what kind of capture card I have, but I think it's an ATI Multimedia Card, or something like that. Good luck with your site when you get around to making it!

Question #63
FROM: Julianna H Hagelauer

kid icarus and metroid question

Were either of these games ever converted to a "classics" or "compilation" set for the newer systems?

Dear Julianna,

As far as I know, there has never been a compilation that contains both Metroid and Kid Icarus. Metroid was remade for the Game Boy Advance as part of the NES Classics Series. I also know that it's an unlockable bonus in some of the recent Metroid games. This GameWinners.com page explains how to unlock it with Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion. I don't think Kid Icarus has ever been remade for anything, though, so the NES is the only way to go for that one.

Question #62
FROM: Alex

Hello, my name is Alex
I've seen ur website 'bout the cameo
I wanna ask u something

is 'Monica' from Romancing saga 3 (snes) make an appearance on Legend of Mana as 'Monique' the siren?

Because they both wear 'pink' clothes.
Also when Monica wears her noble cloth, she wears the same flower headband like Monique does.

Besides, Monica n Monique are almost same name right?

thx :D

Dear Alex,

Considering that I've never played Legend of Mana or Romancing SaGa 3, I really can't say, but it certainly does sound plausible based on the evidence you've provided, and it wouldn't be the first time a Square character has made a cross-series cameo (Red and Blue from Treasure Hunter G are in SaGa Frontier, Lucca from Chrono Trigger is in Xenogears, Cecil from Final Fantasy 4 is in Secret of Evermore, etc.)

On a slighty-related note, Legend of Mana has an excellent soundtrack. I don't know if I could single out one videogame music composer as being my favorite, but Yoko Shimomura would definitely be in the running for the top spot.

On an even more slightly-related note, speaking of cameos, I only recently found out that the Eborsisk from the movie Willow, which also made it into the NES game as one of the bosses of Nockmaar Castle, was named after film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel.

Question #61

Hey ~FO, uh sorry bout the name (this is a dummy account) my name is Dan. A "gosu" is an expert at a game, like on starcraft those really l33t m4d_5ki11ed asians that are damn good players are called gosu. I figured u r a gosu cuz of ur site n everything is awesome. Im a retro gamer too, i love NES, at first i thought i was alone cuz every1 was callin me a moron and humpin their PS2s while I played my NES. Im glad to know a gosu like you is a retro gamer, i dont feel lonely anymore since i visitted ur site in about 2001 :)

Keep on the good work. ur site is the best!

Dear Dan,

So that's what a gosu is. I guess I learned something new. Not quite sure if I fit the description, but I'll take it as a compliment. I'm glad to hear that there are other gamers who still enjoy playing the older systems. There's just so much good stuff on them that I can hardly imagine myself ever giving them up. And thanks for the comment on the site, too.



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