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Question #100
FROM: Tesshu Pollo

i have no question. i just wanted to thank u fer ur awsome kickass homepage: jap! found all the whicked songs from tha nice old games :) so fresh!!! the only thing ur poage is missing is the soundtrack from f-zero (snes), which really rules. but i already have it so... thanx alot!

greetz from germany

Dear Tesshu,

Thanks. My favorite F-Zero song is "Red Canyon", but I also like "Big Blue" and a few others (maybe "Silence" and the "White Land" themes). I'll get to them eventually, but there's just SO much I want to put up.

Question #99
FROM: Tweeter

Hey, lady! O_o
Question time! Right? Right!

1 Who'd win in a fight, Garfeild of Marmaduke? Yeah I know, its a lame matchup, oh well.
2 Whats' worse, the Children of the Corn movie or the Pet Semmetary movie?!
3 If you could eradicate 1 drug from the face of the Earth, which would it be? O_o
4 Have you ever played Namco's Dragon Buster?
5 Ever plan on going to Kyushu?

Ok, that's all from your fiendly neighborhood Tweeter, stay tuned until nxt time.

Dear Tweeter,

#1. According to Googlefight, Garfield would win, so that's who I'm putting my money on.
#2. I've never seen Children of the Corn, but Crawl is telling me it's even worse than the Pet Sematary movie.
#3. I don't really know. Cocaine, I guess.
#4. I remember playing a little of Dragon Buster a long time ago on one of the Namco collections. It's a sideview game where you fight things with a sword, right?
#5. I think I actually went there already in Inindo: Way of the Ninja.

Question #98
FROM: Lefty

hey there, fyi, Polymorph want a Cracker has a new webcomic, "Haster Linkletter: Viking Podiatrist", which is updated monday, wednesday & friday (& has new comics written to keep it updated those days until the end of November, with plenty more planned)

there's a bunch of link-icons on the About page

if you liked it & you felt like changing the link on your Links page to include that, but no biggie--thought you might get a kick out of it. it's rather odd.

glad your updating too, & congratulations on that new vehicle.

Oh, & PS: many moons ago i sent a picture of Image Arcana's mountain devils (Cleo?) to one of my friends, because they looked ALMOST like The Barbarian Brothers (stars of 4 amazingly goofy movies in the 80s*). He agreed there was a definate resemblence :)


Dear Lefty,

Thanks for writing, and thanks for the comment on the car. I just hope it's a good one that lasts me a long time (unlike the Corsica, which was a good car until it started breaking down every four months or so). I've updated your link. I just read through the entire webcomic and I really like it. It's weird, offbeat, funny and a quick read.

It seems like I just keep getting more and more submissions for things that look like Nucleo McRaven and they just keep getting funnier and funnier.

Question #97
FROM: Luca

I found faxanadu internal music (not the start one) only on your site but they are midi and they cannot sound well. Could you send me the nfs ones?

When i was a child, I played faxanadu and Zelda 2 for a lot and a lot of time so now i would like to hear that music while I'm working. I've got zelda 2 but it's start to be bouring when i play it 8 our /day ^_^

Thank you anyway for you help.


Dear Luca,

What the heck? Midis can certainly so sound well (though it depends on your PC's sound card. My old Acer had one that was terrible, but my Dell and HP have really good ones.) Although it's often difficult to get good arrangments from NSF2MIDI, hand-sequenced midis (which I'm unfortunately unable to do) can often bring out the full potential of a composition that was previously limited by system technology. Anyway, if you want the NSF, you can easily download it at Zophar's Domain.

Question #96
FROM: Emma

“Dear Emma,

I put up the Shrine music from Ys 1, but I have no idea what music is used for the "statues and books" room in Ys 2 since I haven't played the game. I did put up the Canal music, but I don't know if that's it. The Alundra music question puzzles me. I haven't played that game in awhile, but wouldn't the music in the final room just be the same as the Lake Shrine theme? Otherwise, it should be in the PSF set somewhere, but I don't know which one it is...”

Oh wow!! Thank you so much for the song! I have been searching the shrine music of Ys1 for such a long time and I moved to tears when I saw that you posted it. Thank you!

By the way, I figured out the Alundra music. Sorry. It actually wasn’t from Alundra. I got it confused with another game which was out before Alundra, but was done by the same game company. That game was Landstalkers. And I got the song which is “Mysterious Island”. I will send it to you as a way of thanking you.

As for the “statues and books”, I did more research and found out more specifically that the music occurs in the Priest’s tombs and the title of that track is called “Rest in Peace”. If you find that, again, I so appreciate it. It is good to come across people who have a passion for video games and their music.

Thank you,


Dear Emma,

If I ever figure out exactly which song that is, I'll try to get it posted, but I'm not even sure if Crawl ripped it. Anyway, thanks for the MP3.

Question #95
FROM: Steve

Dear FO,

hey thanks so much for posting up some of the songs from the Alundra 2 soundtrack.

do you have the whole soundtrack? is there anywhere to get it? it has always been one of my favorites.

thanks so much for your help,


Dear Steve,

I don't have the entire soundtrack, but Galbadia Hotel does. I'd link directly to the page that has it, but the site's not working for me right now. Just go to Soundtracks and look under "A" when it's back up.

Question #94
FROM: David Katz


My name is David Katz and I'm from www.subgamers.com, the social network for the new generation console game players. Subgamers.com is an online place where you can connect other gamers about all the new games and consoles, share thoughts, pictures and cheats, as well as support others, celebrating the Adrenalin pump of PS3, X Box, Cube etc.

I wanted to introduce you to the site, and to ask for any feedback you can provide, as I strive to improve it and make a better place for us players. Please tell me what do you think about my site. Any idea will be cool.

David Katz,
POB 200067, Pittsburgh, PA

This is a one time email I'm sending, but if you want no further emails from me reply with "remove" subject. Furthermore, to comply with the law I must tell you that this mail may be solicitation or advertisement.

Dear David,

That's an awful lot of horizontal scroll on 800 x 600 resolution. I'd guess I might have more to say if I was more into modern console gaming, but all I can really do right now is wish you luck with it.

Question #93
FROM: Elglauber

Dear FO,

I would like to contribute with this site, because I know very much of these games (NES, SNES,.) May I send you emails or to post in the forum?

Elglauber (www.kofapp.cjb.net)

Dear Elglauber,

Uh, go ahead, I guess...

Question #92
FROM: Neateye

Call out Gouranga be happy
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga!
That which brings the highest happiness

Dear Neateye,


Question #91
FROM: Sailorgirl


I saw your review of Shadow Gate at your site.
I was wondering if you could help me with the game.
I used to play it, but I couldn't get any further than the waterfall part. I found the bag behind the waterfall. And also I've been at the part with the shark and skeleton, but couldn't open the door.

I really hope you could help me with this.
I've been googling awhile, just to know how to continue with this game.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Sailorgirl,

Uh, you must have been able to open the door in the room with the shark and skeleton because the waterfall is BEHIND that door. Try opening the bag.

Question #90
FROM: Magical Superglue

Dear Flying Omelette lady,

Why do so many people think you're a Flying Omelette guy, even though you have an About FO page that's easily accessible, and includes pictures of you?

On a different note, do you think there's any way a game console, the PS3 in this case, could be worth paying $600 for at launch ($500 for a non-upgradeable, less useful version)? Is $400 for the 360 already way too much?

But the most important question, the one that needs to be settled by the only person who can do so, why the hell do kids love cinnamon toast crunch? I find it unpleasant.

Your pal,
Magical Superglue

Dear CB007,

1. I'm guessing some people just don't look at the "About FO" page.

2. I don't think any console is worth paying $600 for, and $400 is still too much for me.

3. I have no idea why kids like that cereal. Never liked it much myself.

Question #89
FROM: Ashley Smith

Hi I just discovered your website and I was wondering if you could help me out. I've been trying to find out the name of the song from Alundra that plays when you first get shipwrecked on the shore, and as you first begin to explore. It sounds kind of soft, and there are wind instruments being played throughout. It would be great if you could help me out, its been driving me crazy!

Dear Ashley,

That's "Jess's Theme". I think it's just called "Jess" on the PSF. I like that one a lot, too, and I'll probably add it to my downloads page (along with the Alundra title theme) the next time I update it.

Question #88
FROM: Sonic the Hedgehog

Dear Flying Omelette guy,

Have you ever played Rayman 2: The Great Escape for Sega Dreamcast and if you did, did you like it? If you haven't played it then I strongly recommend it because it is a awsome 3D platformer that is way better than Super Mario 64 or other 3D Platform games for that matter.

Here are some Reviews that tell you it is awsome.

IGN's Review

Gameranking's Review

Gamespot's Review

Electric Playground's Review

The Video Game Critic's Review


Sonic the Hedgehog

Dear Sonic,

I played a little of the N64 version of Rayman 2 and while I thought that some of what I played was interesting, nothing about it particularly struck me as being "better than Super Mario 64". I remember getting to a part where you had to footrace against another character and it seemed like it kept going and going and going and I started wondering when it was going to get back to the normal gameplay. The last time I can remember something like that happening was that terrible bonus round in Battletoads in Battlemaniacs where you endlessly slide on a chess piece and knock over bowling pins. And it's not surprising that all of those reviews say the same thing about it, because all "professional" game reviewers always have the same exact tastes and opinions. I'd say more on this subject, but it just so happens that these two posts by Crawl and 1000 pretty much sum it up.

Question #87

hmm not sure if this is where to send questions. Well anyway, I was wondering if "there must be a soul" was the song that lilia sings when she's imprisoned in darc's village? I haven't played twilight of the spirits for a couple months (kingdom hearts 2 and suikoden 4-5 got in the way) but I remember really liking that prison song, and I asked on the gamefaqs forums and someone linked to your site and said that was the song, but it doesn't really sound familiar....maybe it's just been so long lol. I still have to beat twilight of the spirits too


Yes, "There Must Be a Soul" is the song that Lilia sings in the Orcoth Prison, but she only sings a small part of it there. The MP3 available on my site is the full version from the ending credits.

Question #86
FROM: Anthony

Dear flying omelette,

Have you ever played the original paper mario for N64 and if you did, did you like it? If you haven't played it then I strongly recommend it.


Dear Anthony,

I haven't played it yet, but thanks for the recommendation.

Question #85
FROM: Jason Nash

I saw that you had a few selections from Eternal Darkness on your site. Do you know anyone who might have the full soundtrack for purchase or download?

Dear Jason,

Galbadia Hotel appears to have the entire soundtrack available for download:


Question #84
FROM: Wildcat

I stumbled onto your site a little while ago and was impressed by the quality of your writing (as well as the Oddities section...NES games are pretty bizarre, aren't they?), so I thought I'd give you a link on my website. Imagine my surprise when I returned to your site and you put my site up as a link! Thanks! I'm honored to hear that I have the largest Skies of Arcadia gallery you've ever seen - that's my goal! ^^ Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the excellent work.

Dear Wildcat,

It was my pleasure. I'm always looking for excellent gaming websites to link, and I'm usually more than happy to return a link when one has been given to my site.

Question #83
FROM: Jake Gerke

Cheers on the list, a lot of games I'd like to see made it, like Earthbound and Link's Awakening.

There was one ommission that struck me, though...

StarTropics 2! That game had some fantastic music, especially being late in the NES era, people knew what the hell they were doing.

And if you ever get the inkling, try a final boss music list, because I couldn't help but think of FF3's final boss, Dark Cloud, as being particularly impressive.

And Kirby's Adventure.

That's all.

Dear Jake,

StarTropics 2 does have some good music (see my midis page), but I can't remember the ending theme really standing out to me. There are a lot of games whose soundtracks I love, but curiously fall a little short in the ending theme department. Life Force is a great example of that. The rest of the game's music is fantastic but the ending theme is mediocre. Might & Magic, which has an otherwise wonderful Masaharu Iwata soundtrack, doesn't even have an ending theme. And Albert Odyssey, one of my favorite all-time soundtracks, just reuses the different overworld themes for the ending cinemas. And some games with excellent soundtracks, like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Alundra, have ending songs that make you wonder WTF were they thinking?

A top favorite final boss music list does sound intriguing, but I'm not sure I could get to 50. Kirby's Adventure did indeed have a good one. I also liked King Dedede's theme from the original Kirby's Dream Land (which was remade in Kirby Super Star and Dream Land 3). Some others I can think of off the top of my head that would make such a list would be Final Fantasy 4 (The Final Battle), Secret of Mana (Meridian Dance), Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Battle 3), Arcana (Second Armageddon), Final Fantasy 6 (Dancing Mad), Final Fantasy 7 (One-Winged Angel), Alundra (Melzas the Combined God), Xenogears (Awakening), Akumajo Dracula X (Illusionary Dance), Earthbound (Pokey Means Business!), Chrono Trigger (Last Battle), Over Horizon, Dragon Warrior (maybe a bit questionable, but it was intimidating years ago when I first got that far), Super Mario Bros. 3 (Bowser's Theme), Breath of Fire 2 (Evan, God of Death), Kingsley's Adventure (Bad Custard's Theme). SaGa Frontier has three final battle themes I like (the ones for Riki's, Red's, and T260G's quests). I'd probably give props to Castlevania 3's "Big Battle" just for making me so nervous, especially when it sped up in the final part of the fight. Ys 1 & 2 have some good final boss music. Maybe Mega Man 4, Eternal Darkness (Gateway to Destiny), Arc the Lad 4 (Depths of Hell), Ys 3 (The Strongest Foe), Ogre Battle (Billow of the Dark), and the final boss intro from DoDonPachi. Damn, that's a lot of RPGs...one thing I've noticed in looking over the list of games whose music I'm familiar with is that they have less of a tendency to reuse earlier boss music for the final fight than other genres.

Question #82
FROM: thethinker

Awesome article. My favorite music in any game ever was in Castlevania 2, there was a town/village that had this kind of punchy music. I can actually hum it all now, after having not hearing it in 15 years. It might have been Castlevania 3. It definately wasn't 1 or 4.

Anyway how do you extract it into an MP3 (or a wav)? I could probably get the rom online somewhere.

Dear Thinker,

Here's a tutorial for converting NES music to WAVS (and then MP3S):

1. If you don't have Winamp, you'll need it. Go to www.winamp.com and download it. It's free and contains no spyware.

2. Next go to Zophar's Domain and download an NSF player for Winamp. Unzip it into the Winamp plugins folder C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins. (I couldn't remember what plugin I was using, so I checked my folder and it looks like I have both NEZplug and NotSoFatso. I'm not sure which is better or why I have both, so you might need to experiement a bit.)

2. Now go to Zophar's Domain (again) and download the NSF for the game whose music you want to rip. Unzip it wherever you like.

3. Open the .nsf file in Winamp. If all goes well, you should now be hearing some NES music:

In the title bar (and on the playlist) you'll see the title of the game followed by a fraction, in this case (1/26). The second number is the total number of tracks the NSF contains. The first is the track you're currently on. To move between the tracks, simply use the "Next Track" and "Previous Track" buttons. When you've found the track you want to convert to a wav, hit the "Stop" button.

4. Click the little button in the very upper-leftmost corner of Winamp. Go down to "Options", and then choose "Preferences":

5. Under "Plugins" on the left side, choose "Output". On the right side, change it from "DirectSound Output" to "NullSoft Diskwriter Plugin":

6. Click the "Configure" button, and then click the "Directory" button at the top left. Set the directory to wherever you want the wavs to be created. (As you can see, I created a special Conversion folder for this sort of thing under My Documents, but you can do whatever you want):

7. Now click "OK" and "Close" so that you close the preferences menu and end up back at the main Winamp screen. Click the "Play" button. You'll notice it plays the track at superspeed, but with no sound. That's because Winamp is now converting that track to a wav. Sometimes, Winamp will stop after the track is done, but other times it will continue to the next track and the next track (etc.) converting each one. If it does that, you'll just have to stop it manually by pressing the "Stop" button. (NOTE: Make sure that when you're finished, you go back into Options - Preferences - Plugins - Output and change it back to DirectSound Output, otherwise, every time you try to play something in Winamp, it will convert it to a wav):

8. Check the folder where you had earlier set Winamp's output directory. Congratulations! You should now have a wav:

9. One thing you'll notice about the NSF tracks is that they usually run for about 5 minutes. You'll probably want to cut some of that off as most NES songs are short and can become tiresome to listen to for a full five minutes of looping. There are several ways you can deal with this. First would be to go to your Start Menu, then All Programs - Accessories - Entertainment - Sound Recorder. This will bring up the Sound Recorder program. Open up your wav file with this program:

10. Move the position bar to where you want to end the song, and then from the Sound Recorder menu, choose Edit - Delete After Current Position. Save your file, and you now have a shorter version of your song.

11. Another program that can do this is Encounter 2003. I highly recommend downloading this (it's freeware) because it will also allow you to add a fadeout.

12. From here, if you want to convert your wav to an mp3, you'll need conversion software. I use the one that came with my computer. If you have MusicMatch, that's usually capable of doing it. There are also plugins available for winamp that can do it, and then you'd just have to use the same method I described above only select your MP3 writer instead of the NullSoft Disk Writer from the Preferences menu. However, the Winamp MP3 writers I've experimented with don't always work and even when they do, sometimes the sound quality is muffled, so you'll probably have to experiment a bit. Alternately, there may be other wav-to-mp3 converters that you can find by Google searching. Good luck and have fun!

Question #81
FROM: Emily

I was glad to find the opening theme for Kartia on your site; thanks for putting it out there. Do you happen to know where I might find mp3s for Bard's Tale (PS2, Xbox)? I'm specifically looking for the Neversdale theme. Thanks!

Dear Emily,

Unfortunately, I don't have any idea. You could try searching to see if there's an official soundtrack available for it. But some video game music is so difficult to obtain that the only real way to get it is to rip it yourself (or wait until someone else does.)



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