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Question #180
FROM: Irish Cowboy


As someone whose been reading your site for a very long time now it always blows my mind whenever I hear someone's banned you from their forum. I can't believe it!! If I had a website and forum I'd be thrilled to have someone like you on it! Well I guess it's not surprising the creaters of an anti-gamer comic like Powerup would ban a gamer from their forums. But it's their loss, right? Anyway... keep up the good work on your comics and reviews and SAB stuff because you're a hell of a lot funnier than that miserable pile of crap ever was.

Dear Irish,

I don't really have any problems with Powerup Comics itself. I actually do think it's a pretty clever and funny parody of what's wrong with a lot of comics and gamers. However, I am more inclined to agree these days with those who say that it might be time to just take everything they have, put it up on a website and retire it because the jokes are getting old now and it's not really evolving, which is something that even a parody needs to do if it goes on for too long. Otherwise, it becomes old hat.

As for me getting banned...well, I CAN believe it. I've been banned from a lot of places over the years, for increasingly stupid reasons. A long, long time ago, I was an administrator of one of the largest videogame communities on the internet. A rival community started causing problems for the board which resulted in some of its members getting banned. Those banned people proudly proclaimed that everyone should go to their board instead because they never ban anyone. I did some digging around the forums and discovered that they actually had banned people in the past (one person for posting pictures of Tyra Banks, and another person for saying he didn't like Dragon Ball Z). This is just typical of how people are on the internet.

In looking over those forums again, Powerup Comics is really about the only interesting thing there. The rest of the discussions are rather bland and uninspired (I guess I've just been spoiled by my current associations), so maybe getting kicked out of there was better for me after all.

Question #179
FROM: Lion

Dear FO,

I recently read about what happened to you at the tabb forums. I'm just writing to tell you that you're not alone. Like you and the people on your forums, I thought Power-Up Comics was a funny parody of bad webcomics but the moment I found out tabb was involved I had to do everything to keep from biting my tongue off. I had a VERY similar experience a couple of years ago there that was also over something semantic although I suspect that was just an excuse and there must have been something else that they didn't like about me. Elitism runs very rampant there and you're very much better off without it. I would really hate to see someone like you end up becoming what they are. I can't believe they're seriously telling people that they never flame anyone. Sounds like they're trying to cover up something.

PS. I'm glad to hear you might be reviewing games again. Yours are some of the best I've ever read. The review of D had me in hysterics. It's nice to know there are people who are unafraid to speak the truth amongst all the garbage and cliches of professional reviews. If you post this, just credit me as Lion.

Dear Lion,

Thanks for writing. Sounds to me like they're trying to take that reputation and flush it right down the toilet. They certainly picked the right person to do that for them. People can be as stupid as they want to be on the internet, but if they direct it at me, there will be consequences. The door swings both ways, and my doors have a habit of swinging back and smashing people in the nose. I also suspect there was an ulterior motive involved. I wouldn't be surprised if "Lizeth Marry" clicked my profile link, saw my site, and thought something, "Holy crap! It's that woman who only gave River City Ransom a 5/10 instead of a 10/10!! Let's get her!!"

"D" is one of my better reviews, I agree. Although in retrospect, I could have tightened it up in some spots (which is something I'll aim for in future reviews), I think it's a good example of a review that states a thesis, hammers that thesis, then comes back to it in the end while still being entertaining, informative, and critical throughout. It's a simple, effective formula that just seems so lost in this day and age.

Question #178
FROM: Jara

Dear Flying Omelette person,

Why do you not do Separated at Births anymore? I was thinking, even though I'm not on there, of a few of them.....

One that should've come up a lot would have to be Sora (from Kingdom Hearts) and Pit (from Brawl...not the original Kid Icarus) because they both are childish, yet teenage, have spikey brown hair, and blue eyes, and don't stay out of the friggin' air! (Seriously, whenever my mom plays KH, or KH2, Sora NEVER comes down! My friend saw Pit and said, "So THAT'S why he never comes down! He has wings!" and we all laughed.

Another one that I saw while pausing a fight on Brawl to see what the Assist Trophy let out was Isaac...from something, Shining something, I forgot, but my mom and friends were like, "Ok, first Sora, now Cloud! WHAT THE EFF!?" SERIOUSLY! He looks like Cloud!

But then the third one I thought of while looking at the Burger King king, and thinking, "That looks like the king from that horrible, horrible Legend of Zelda game NOT made by Nintendo that everyone's making a spoof out of on YouTube with the 'DINNER (Blaster)' and 'Mah Boi!'" I couldn't help it. But it really started after I saw the SaB with the Burger King and that...other thing...(sorry, I'm really not too great with words...)

OMIGOSH! So I was watching Peter Pan with my mom the other day, and was like, "First Jak looks like Link, and now that I really notice, WHY IS LINK IN A DISNEY MOVIE!?" They both wear green, have a blade weapon, wear tights, and have fairies/pixies! It made me laugh seeing that SaB.

Oh, and so I've noticed, Tyrranomon of Digimon looks remarkably like a Groudon! They're both red, have long claws, they're BIG, and they have things on they're back! They both have light underbellies...

And at my mom's house (I'm at my grandmother's) she has a mug...and it's Hill Country or whatever, and has a somewhat stretched, and green, Triforce! (I'm starting to wonder what it was inspired by...)

But really, you should update things and stuff....I loved looking through all of them, and laughing at one that had NO RESEMBLANCE whatsoever...

(Lawlz, love myname!)

Dear Jara,

I do sometimes still update SAB, but only when I feel like it, and I'm much more stingy about what I'll accept now than I used to be, so I can also only update it when I get enough good entries (with pictures) submitted to fill a page. However, SAB is only one small part of my site. I suggest taking a look at some other sections that are more challenging. You might end up being pleasantly surprised.

Also, the Link/Peter Pan one is already in there.

Question #177

Hey Flying Omelette,

First of all, thank you so much for posting all that wonderful game music. So many MP3s I've been searching for forever were on your site; joy filled my soul when I found "Fight 2" from Final Fantasy IV at last, my favorite boss battle song of all time! (And the one you called "Memories" from Illusion of Gaia- I have a friend who will be thrilled to have that MP3).

I know you're probably backlogged with song requests, but I have my own request to drop into the overflowing hat. I desperately want the title screen theme from the SNES version of The Legend of the Mystical Ninja. I have three remixes and the opening from the Japanese TV show that uses that tune (that I had to beg off somebody else by request, coincidentally), but have never gotten my hands on the original. When I was a little kid, I'd get up really early in the morning when no one could complain and dance to that music. I'd toss little scarves around and thought I was so awesome. There's a lot of nostalgic value in that song on top of the fact I still think it's awesome. I would really appreciate having it.

In fact, I think I can trade you for it- if you happen to want a loopable version of the ecstatic, overly happy, spaztastic ending fanfare to Super Mario World. I'm pretty sure I can unearth that MP3 from the external hard drive if you're interested.

Thank you!

Dear Cel,


But it's a secret to everybody.

Question #176
FROM: Doveblob

Thanks, FO, for not one, but two more lovely tirades. Sethra's right. You should run for president.


Dear DB,

I'm too much of a jackass to run for president.

Question #175
FROM: Seth Koopa

Dear Flying Omelette,

I forgot to ask you this in my last e-mail. How did you go about getting your site up and running? Is it a free domain site or did you have to pay (and possibly still have to) to get it? I've been toying with the idea of making a site myself but I'd first like to know the easiest way to do it (with our without slight expenses).

Thanks in advance for any advice,
Seth Koopa

Dear Seth,

I pay for both my domain and hosting services. The domain itself doesn't cost much (about $10 or $15 a year), but the hosting is a little more pricey. Considering I get practically unlimited space to do whatever I want, it's worth it for me. I make enough back on my advertising revenue to cover the hosting costs.

My suggestion for an upstart site would be to look for a free host (preferably one without excessive pop-ups) or a very cheap hosting plan. I had an advantage in that the site gained unexpected popularity while it was still on Geocities, so when I moved it, a lot of traffic came with it. But an upstart site may not make enough on advertising right away to earn back the costs of hosting it if you went with a more expensive plan.

My domain registration is with GoDaddy.com and my hosting service is Dreamhost.com. If you decide to go with Dreamhost for either, I'd like to humbly request doing so through the Dreamhost link button on my front page so that I'll get the referral points for it.

Good luck and let me know your URL if you ever get your site up and running.

Question #174
FROM: Seth Koopa

Dear Flying Omelette,

First off, I'm very glad you posted the original theme tune for the Fire Temple in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Now playing the modified version, I hate it.

It's just not the same without that Middle-Eastern chanting; half the atmosphere depends on that. I don't understand why Nintendo deemed it inappropriate. The vocals in the modified version - which don't fit at all and in fact really annoy me, having heard the original first - are more like traditional Western and - dare I say it - church choirs; so is that okay and not another cultural asset? The whole things smells of hypocrisy to me. On the other hand, the fight with Volvagia made it all worthwhile.

Also, I have a question. What is the character in the picture to the right on your Q&A page, and from what game?

Thanks and keep up the good work,

Seth Koopa

Dear Seth,

The one on the right is Subatom (or Zabtom) from Super R-Type (second level boss, which is the specific version I took that sprite from) and R-Type 2 (first boss). The one on the left is the final form of Jaquio in Ninja Gaiden 2, taken from the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy version.

Question #173

Hi flyingomelette people I just found your wonderful page & I had to send you this. Basically it's an oddity I found in a game a long time ago.

The game is X-Men Children of the Atom. The game has 10 playable characters (plus 1 hidden). On one of this characters ending, whose name is Spiral, there appears a strange dialogue between this character and MojoTV, Spiral's master.

The particular oddity part of the whole dialogue goes like this:




The oddity that exists here is that Spiral mentions "at least 5 more seasons" wich is the same number of games that Capcom produced (based on Marvel Comics' contract) after this game.

1) Marvel Super Heroes
2) X-men Vs. Street Fighter
3) Marvel Vs. Street Fighter
4) Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes
5) Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

Capcom signed with Marvel Comics for 6 games and when they were making the first (X-Men Children of the Atom) someone inside Capcom who knew that contract used the info to give some advice of the things next to come to the players, it's just that we were so blind about it :D

Well that's all pal.
Thanks for reading,

Dear JAGTxelUM,


Question #172
FROM: Kairobi King

It's been awhile since I've written in, but I have a theory on that giant blue crater thing in the Stone Gardens of the Knights of Justice game. It's been awhile since I've played that game, but I used the codes you got from Helder to warp up to that place and I took a look. It looks like a parasitic cone or parasitic vent of a volcano with a smoldering slab of cooled lava (lava rock) sticking out. Morgana's stronghold is a volcano, and lava rock has those crater-like pock-marks in it and is often irregularly shaped, so it makes sense. (See attached picture for reference.) That explains why everything in the Stone Gardens is dried out and dead and why there are those Fire Elemental enemies on the ledge below it. The "veins" you see pulsing through it are actually just the smoldering effect. That's my theory, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

Good luck on finding Blackwing. He was my favorite character from the show and it's a shame that he was taken out of the game. Even if you can just find his sprites that would be cool enough, but hopefully the entire boss fight is still programmed in there.

Dear Kairobi,

It's a good theory and probably the one that makes the most sense. But if that's really what it is, then it's the most incomprehensible method of displaying molten lava that I've ever seen in my life. That's why I'm inclined to think it's supposed to be something more. Either the developers were purposefully being weird and obtuse with its existence, or they had plans for it that were cut.

I haven't heard back from Helder on the Blackwing issue yet. I guess that if people could find the Chaos Dragon in Final Fantasy 6, the Blaarg in Super Mario 64, and the Arwing in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, then if Blackwing is in there, he'll eventually be found, too. However, we don't have much evidence to go by. The developer who mentioned him in the interview may have only meant that Blackwing was his favorite boss "in theory", or maybe the boss was in there at one point, but was deleted from the ROM. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about ROM hacking to know that his name being listed with the other bosses in the ROM means that he's in there for sure, and altering some code to make him show up is possible. So, I'm leaving that to the pros.

Question #171
FROM: Tyler Torrance

Hi, FO, I just thought I'd write in let you know I'm back and will hopefully be updating DHN again for awhile until school overwhelms me again. I'm really enjoying your site, especially the Equinox and Knights of Justice shrine updates. Both are games I've never played, but your shrines and walkthroughs and reviews always make me want to play the games in cases when I haven't.

Anyway, one thing I've noticed is that in my absence there was all this controversy over whether you should stop writing the RAU Gallery and make it a webcomic instead. I don't get it. It's pretty much already a webcomic. It has jokes, stories, and original characters. It's at least as much of a webcomic as Dinosaur Comics which only uses the same panels for every strip and it has more original artwork than most sprite comics. Most importantly, your writing is actually funny and it's actually possible to care about the characters. So I think people should stop complaining and stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. That's just how I feel anyway.

Dear Tyler,

Thanks for writing and I hope to see DHN updated again. All the good memories the site often brings back go right in line with what I said earlier to your brother about the "Jacknifed" RAU Sketch. It would also be nice if you guys could consider adding some more original content sometime, too.

As for the RAU Gallery, I still really don't see it as a webcomic. It's written in sketch format, ergo it's a sketch comedy. I guess it could almost be like comparing Space Ghost: Coast to Coast to other cartoons. Even though SG:CtC featured cartoon characters, it utilized the format of a late night talk show and thus it was more often referred to and thought of as a talk show. Thanks again for your comments, though.

Question #170
FROM: nensondubois

'I, nensondubois have a video game cameo from Megaman X for the SNES referring to the Spy hunter theme song in the Armored Armadillo stage.' I don't know how you want to put that but I have midis to prove it.

Armored Armadillo Stage

Spy Hunter

Dear nensondubois,

Well, there are a few notes that are similar. But it sounds more like influence from the same source genre (possibly jazz or big band) on both counts or even just coincidence than a direct quote to me. Unlike how the Rattle Battle stage music in Donkey Kong Country 2 blatantly borrows a part of Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" and is very much written in the style of rag overall. But hey, maybe it could count for a "Musical Switched at Birth".

Question #169
FROM: James FP

In regards to "The Road to Reflection (AT Part 5)", I am writing about how you see the storyline as an allegory for the idiotic way a lot of people act on the internet (and it's a brilliant allegory, too, fits well with the way you're always comparing forum lamers to cartoon villains, heh.) But one thing I don't fully understand is that it seems the reason Honen is having difficulty communicating with 95 Honen is because he's witholding information. He can't tell him the real reasons he's befriended Nucleo and Deuce because he's afraid he'll take steps to avoid those situations if he learns about them. So is the message that 95 Honen really is too young and stubborn to understand or does he just not have enough information to understand?

Also, is age really an issue? I don't know if there really is an age difference between Honen and 95 Honen because even though there are years difference, sometimes cartoon characters never age (The Simpsons).

Also, do you believe the "Jacknifed" sketch really helped at all in liberating the good name of the Game Pond? Seems we all still talk about it negatively. Heh.

~James FP~

Dear James,

Uh, my friend, I think you're missing the point of both sketches. For AT5, you've answered part of your own question. '95 Honen is so unreasonable, so drunk on his belief that his views are right and won't so much as listen to anyone else, that it is the very reason present-day Honen cannot divulge that information to him. If present-day Honen believed that telling him the full story would help him understand, he would, but he knows it won't because he knows himself, knows what he was like, and knows what the internet in 1995 was like (a mentality which, sadly as certain recent events have shown us, the internet has not moved forward from and has in fact, gotten worse.) Age is not the issue with '95 Honen so much as maturity, since as you correctly surmised, there really isn't an age difference with them. '95 is a reflection of a bad time in present-day Honen's life, a demon he's been having trouble exorcising since his very first appearance in the series, and now he has to face it head-on. He now has a choice of being that or being something better.

And the point of "Jacknifed" was not to completely absolve the Game Pond of all the problems it had. It's just cold hard fact that a lot of what happened there happened there, period. The point of that sketch was to remind us that it wasn't the entire story. There were a lot of good times, good people, good things that came out of that place, including our own community, and we just tend to overlook that in favor of the negative. (One reason I think that keeps happening a lot recently is because the community's just been very cynical and negative in general lately.) But another more buried subtext of that sketch is that the most important thing about a community should not be its URL.

Question #168
FROM: Emerald the Hedgehog

Hey, my name is Emerald. I've been regularly going to this site since I found it's oddities page last year. That section and the reviews section are what keep me coming back. But while the oddities have recieved some nice updates, there has been a serious lack of reviews, as you already know.

My question is why haven't you reviewed any of the Donkey Kong Country games for the Snes yet? That is my favorite 2D platforming series of all time, and many other share my love of the series. You've got a review for the absymal (imo) Donkey Kong 64, but not the classics? Something doesn't make sense.

I wonder if this is something like the reason why you were cautious or reviewing Star Fox 64 because you knew you hated it and didn't want to tick people of for saying so. And by the way, you ticked me off for saying so, lol.

But I don't see how anyone could hate the DKC series. I don't think you would be the kind of fickle person who would dislike a game just because of it's character redesigns (designs that I've never had a problem with, but some people do).

So why haven't you reviewed any of the games in this series? You've missed a ton of good games for the Snes in your review section, but these are the ones who's ommission stands out the most. So please, next time you update your site, could you post a review of either the first or the second Donkey Kong Contry game?

~Emerald the Hedgehog

Dear Emerald,

I would never refrain from posting a review because I'd be afraid of people getting mad about it. I posted that negative review of River City Ransom in the heyday of the internet "NES Scene" when everyone else was saying it was one of the best (if not THE best) NES games ever. In fact, I've gotten much more criticism at this website for LIKING things than disliking them. (Even things I never said I actually liked, like Bubsy.)

But the reason there isn't a Donkey Kong Country review is the same reason there aren't reviews for a lot of other games - I just never got around to them. Right now, my heart really isn't into writing reviews and I'm beginning to feel like games just aren't that big a part of my life anymore. Even if I'm not writing reviews, I'm still usually writing something about games on my site somewhere almost all the time and it gets tiring.

I've seen gamers on forums complaining about "Rare's version of Donkey Kong" being in the modern Mario games, but that's completely idiotic. Nintendo Power magazine clearly stated that Shigeru Miyamoto, the inventor of the character, did the redesign of Donkey Kong for the original Donkey Kong Country and Rare just rendered it in 3D. It would be like attributing the design of the Alien xenomorph entirely to Ridley Scott when H.R. Giger created it. It's one thing if you don't like the design because you don't like how it looks. But hating it just because Rare made it, especially when Rare didn't even make it, is stupid.

As for my own opinions on the Donkey Kong Country games, I think I got asked that in the Q&A once before. The first one is okay, but a little too short and easy. The second one is my favorite and seemed like the best of what I've played of the entire series. The third one I never finished.

Question #167
FROM: Mokura

I am very happy to have stumbled upon your site. I've been going to it for a few years now to listen to some of my favorite music, much of which I never thought I'd be able to hear without playing the game! Some of my unsung favorites are Earthbound, Secret of Evermore, and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest ( which I too, rather enjoyed ). Though we do not always share the same taste in favorite songs, I like your choice in game soundtracks.

I recently pulled out my copy of Plok that I had won on ebay and discovered that not only is it a decent, though frustrating game, it also has some great songs. Have you considered uploading more from this game?

A few of my favorites thus far ( I'm still trying to beat it, stuck in the later levels of Akrillic Forest ):

Boss Music- I think the evil laughter and menacing bass lines really sell the heart-pounding nature of a boss battle, especially when going up against three Bobbins Bros.!

Akrillic Garlen Beach/Sleepy Dale- one of these themes you already have uploaded and should definately be played loud! The other I think is worthy and if I remember correctly, reminds me a bit of the sort of riffs Yes's keyboardist Rick Wakeman would come up with.

Thanks for keeping a great site!


Dear Mokura,

I share your love of Plok's music and it is one of the games I have on the list of soundtracks that I will be adding more content to eventually. Some of the music can actually already be downloaded from Tim Follin's Official Website (in the Wine Cellar section), along with some other game music and original music he's composed. Mr. Follin is truly a master of his craft.

Question #166
FROM: RisingManes

Hello there. I occasionally stop by your site for the game oddities and sometimes the Switched (Separated) at Birth. Funny to me!

But I have a question regarding Brawl and Kid Icarus, since you have a section dedicated to Kid Icarus and all... What do you think of Pit's recent redesign? I wondered if you were disappointed with it, since I know what it's like to have a classic changed (coughSuperMarioWorldGBAportcough*, and... okay, so I don't know if you had played it as a kid or not, but I still had to ask. I'm all for Pit's redesign---especially if my suspicions are correct and there is, indeed, a Kid Icarus in the works---but I don't know about you.

Enough rambling---the point remains: what do you think of Pit's redesign for Super Smash Bros. Brawl? (You've surely heard of it and seen it... right?)


P.S. = I'm not in the forums, no.

Dear RisingManes,

This is what Pit looked like in the official art for the first Kid Icarus game on the NES.

This is what he looked like in the official art for the Game Boy sequel.

This is what he looks like in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

So I don't really think that the design has changed all that much. Some details here and there were altered, and some things were just redrawn to look a little cleaner. He looks somewhat older in SSB:Brawl, which I think will fit in nicely with the other character designs for that game. (He sort of has a "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles" vibe about him.) So, personally, I think it looks cool. Professional and modern while remaining true to the original versions. I also like those pictures where he's shown using his bow like a sword, Darth Maul-style. I just hope they get a good voice for him.

Question #165
FROM: Crawl

Regarding the Oni religion, are there any other characteristics to it or beliefs they have other than the forswearing of technology? Would they accept a human who wanted to join their religion?

Does Honen feel strange about continuing to wear clothing from a culture that rejected him?

Do you really like to get inside the heads of your characters and let the emotions you imagine them having influence your drawings of them?

Dear Crawl,

I really hate to say this, but I created a lot of these characters and their backstories when I was very young and had little understanding of how things worked. So I'm left here now, as an adult, trying to fill in the blanks. I never really elaborated much on the Oni religion since they were a secretive clan that few people in the world of Phainein had knowledge of. Generally, they're a type that lives peacefully with nature, possibly worships some kind of Oni god or Nature god (although I've said before that their origin is uncertain), and rejects high technology. They also believe in strong discipline, and not straying too far from the flock, if you know what I mean. Honen is considered eccentric for his kind because he betrays most of those ideals. I do not know if they would accept a human since humans never found their island before they were wiped out, but my guess would be maybe.

Honen wears the clothing he does simply because it's what he's used to wearing. He probably also thinks it looks good on him. Any religious or cultural significance to it isn't his concern.

I'm not really sure what you mean by the last question. Of course if I want a character to look happy or sad or angry or whatever, that's going to influence the drawing. A happy character shouldn't be crying, a sad character shouldn't be laughing. That's just common sense.

Question #164
FROM: Freezair SilverEye

Hello. I really enjoy the new layout for the music downloads section. Like so many people of late (and myself, in the past), I have a few (more) musical recommendations. These in particular are from Psychonauts, an XBox/PC/PlayStation 2 platformer that has become something of a cult classic. The music tends to have a very "cinematic" quality to it, but a lot of it isn't as interesting without an in-game context. But a couple of the songs are excellent listening on their own, and here are those that I think stand well enough by themselves:

Title (Main Theme): Starts off very simple and somewhat slow, then suddenly rises to a frantic pace. Reminds me of some of Danny Elfman's scores. As the name suggests, this is the title screen music and the main theme of the game. (Although the filename says "credits montage," the actual credits montage is longer and isn't on the OST.)


Relaxing in the Campground Lodge: The extremely soothing guitar music inside the Lodge, part of the game's overworld. A mellow tune perfectly suited to a lazy summer afternoon. I love the little harmonica phrases sprinkled throughout it.


A Mind of Bauhaus Principals: A slow, eerie, atmospheric piece--oboes and seemingly random piano notes--that radically shifts gears halfway through. The music of the second world, "Sasha' Shooting Gallery," although the slower half never comes back once you've beaten the world.


Hagatha's Home (Sorrow): One of my favorite pieces of music from the game, this slightly demented tune comes from the seventh world, "Gloria's Theater." Literally set on a giant stage, this is the music that plays when the stage's lighting is set to "sad." There's a "happy" song too, but it's more annoying than enjoyable.


Taking On Black Velvetopia's Worst: The Latin-flavored boss battle music from the game's eighth world, "Black Velvetopia." Done with an electric guitar instead of an accoustic one; combined with the level's kitschy theme (yes, it really is done in black velvet style), it feels quite like something from an awesomely cheesy rock opera. http://www.2shared.com/file/2808869/b405ca16/28_-_taking_on_black_velvetopias_worst.html

Napoleon's Final Conflict, Revisted: From the ninth world, "Waterloo World." The world is set inside a Carcassone-esque strategy board game, and so the theme music has an appropriately march-like quality. Strains of the 1812 Overture permeate the piece, but it isn't a straight-up remix, and the main melody is original.


Dear Freezair,

Once again, excellent suggestions and thanks again for going through the trouble of uploading them. Accepting suggestions for the music downloads pages is a lot easier when I have the actual files to listen to.

Question #163
FROM: Mako Heitzinger

Hey, I was browsing through your ending music and you said you didn't finish Yoshi's Island. Shameful! Go finish it now! ^.^

Dear Mako,

Yes, it's on the list of games I want to finish in my lifetime. I'll get to it eventually. Right now I've got other projects on my hands. Thanks for the suggestion.

Question #162
FROM: Classified

Hi there!

I really enjoy your site. Video game music dominates my ultimate playlists in life because I despise vocals. And I seem to agree with you on many on your choices.

I have a few requests:

-Glover (N64) 1998- "First boss theme". Apparently no one remembers this game. But this song is pretty cool.

-Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls (GBA) 2004- "FFI Battle Theme". I realize that you already posted the 'Playstation' version of this song, but personally, I like the Game Boy Advance version better.

-Rolling Thunder (Arcade) 1986- "Level 1". This song is used for most of the levels in this game, and I've always found it very unique.

-Metroid Prime (GC) 2002- "Meta-Ridley battle". I'm surprised you don't have this awesome song posted!

-Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue (GC) 2003- "Firefly Swamp Level 2" and "Forgotten Island Boss". Firefly Swamp lv 2's music is jazzy and cool. All of the boss themes in this game (except the final boss) are basically different arrangements of the same song. But the Forgotten Island boss is the one that appeals to me most. If you want, check out the final boss theme for this game and you'll notice that the beggining is an obvious rip-off of the Super Metroid Ridley Battle theme!

Look into these. Thanks.
(By the way, I'm a big fan of FF Mystic Quest... You're not alone!)


Dear Classified,

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I'll look into what I can, but I've got a huge backlog of requests and other stuff I've been meaning to get added. I listened to the GBA version of the FF1 Battle Theme, but I think there is something wrong with the GSF file because it had a loud buzzing noise accompanying the bassline.

Is the first area in Glover the Atlantis area? I have the USF for that game, but I don't own the game itself, so I'm not sure which is the first boss theme.

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Above is a link to the entire soundtrack for Live-a-Live in .mp3 format. As far as the good ones, well, I think it's all good. One's that you should look at in particular are:

Sound of Shinobi,
Secret Mission,
Kiss of Jealousy (fun rival theme in prehistoric chapter),
The Bird Flies in the Sky the Fish Swims in the Water (My personal favorite from the Ancient China chapter),
Demon King's Prelude,
Difficult Fight,
City of Hopelessness,
Cry-A-Live and the Warm-A-Live remix,
The Demon King Odio,
Pure Odio,
and an incredible ending theme taking it's form in Live For Live.

It just goes to show how versatile some composers can be. Shimomura was given the job of composing music that would both represent its respective time period and at the same time mesh correctly with the music in the other time periods of the game. It is my humble opinion that she did a fabulous job with the task she was given. Hope this helps.

Once again sincerely,

Dear Doc,

Thanks again for your recommendations. Those are all good songs, and I agree that Yoko Shimomura is one of the most versatile composers in the industry. I'll look into getting some of the Live-a-Live soundtrack onto the site in the future.



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