Kirby's Dream Land 3
Heart-Star FAQ

Level 4-1


This one is a royal pain in the keester! Grab a Broom powerup from an enemy early in the level and take Rick (the hamster) when you come to him. Keep both and proceed through the level until you reach an area that has a bunch of flowers growing on hilltops. These flowers are covered in dirt. When you use the broom power with Rick, it turns into a feather-duster. Dust each flower only ONCE so that the dirt disappears. (DO NOT dust more than once or hold the button down, because you'll flatten the flower and fail the mission if you do!) Now here comes the really hard part - you'll have to jump OVER the flower when you're done dusting, and make sure you completely clear it so that you don't land on it. Flattening just one flower will cause you to fail the mission! This can be difficult to do because you not only have to worry about the flower, but you also have to be careful not to fall into a pit, and the clouds in the foreground make it difficult to see. Remember that Rick can wall-jump up sheer surfaces if you don't quite make a jump. You'll hear a tone when you've dusted the last flower, and one of them will give you the Star at the end of the level.

Level 4-2


About 3/4 of the way through the level, grab one of the enemies that looks like a Spiny from Super Mario Bros. to get its Spike power (left screenshot). Proceed to the end of the level and right before the exit door you'll find a baby chicken suspended from a balloon (right screenshot).


Pop the balloon with your Spike power and exit through the door. The mother hen will be so grateful to have her chick returned that she'll give you the Star.

Level 4-3


It seems like the third stage of every level has one of these pain-in-the-butt guessing games, and Level 4 is no exception. This ball-like creature will make a bunch of different-colored spikes briefly pop out from behind a wall. After they recede, he'll ask you how many of a certain color were shown. You'll have to guess correctly three times. Miss once, and you'll need to restart the level to try again. Again, I wish you luck on the last round because they move really fast.

Level 4-4


Take Coo when you reach the friend room in the level. Continue on as normal and eventually you'll find a room with a giant Umbrella mini-boss. You might need to disengage from Coo to beat him depending on your current powerup (I found it easier to beat him as Kirby alone, but it's up to you.) Remember to reclaim Coo once the boss is defeated, and go through the door that appears.


Use Coo to fight against the wind in this room and grab the sad-looking orange. At the end of the level...I have no idea what the heck is going on here, but I guess that snowman is using the orange for his head. In any case, it's probably best not to question it. Just take the Star.

Level 4-5


You'll run into this friend room as you progress through the level. Take Rick with you and just be careful when making jumps across the stage's many pillars. (Remember that Rick can wall-kick up the sides of walls if you don't quite land on top.) Get Rick all the way to the end of the level and the pink hamster will be so happy to see him that she'll give you the Star.

Level 4-6


There's a long hallway in this level that has several doors. One door leads to a room with this living puzzle piece and another has a bunch of breakable blocks. You have to destroy only the blocks necessary to make their formation be exactly the same shape as the puzzle piece. The only problem is...the puzzle piece is sitting upside down (take a close look at her face to see what I mean.)


So you'll have to invert the shape. If you have trouble, refer to my left screenshot here. A tone will indicate you've done it right. Proceed to the end of the level and you'll get the Star (and now she's sitting up the right way).




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