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CaeserCaeser - Caeser is a very large, seven-headed dragon with a variety of personalities for each head.

Calico KingCalico King - Large cat-like monster wielding a mace. He is one of the Major Demons that patrols the world under the command of Darkona, the Great Spirit of Darkness. But King Calico really isn't all that bad. He'd rather not be a servant and just be free to sleep all day and fight when he pleases. He likes Cory, and his friendship with her might be what convinces him to finally defy his superior. He is a strong fighter and powerful ally if convinced to join the cause. It is believed that he might have once been a more normal, "humanoid" creature who was super-evolved by Darkona's immense powers.

Calico's weapon is the Mace of Demons, a large spiked ball on the end of a chain (which kind of resembles sausage links). His age is unknown.

Calico King's RAU Scrapbook

CasimerCasimer - A blue dragon with red hair and a pink underbelly that was a member of the R.A.U. He was featured in some sketches and was the lead guitarist in their band. Casimer was the exact opposite of Max Komodo - Max was relaxed and comical. Casimer was serious and sometimes a little mean. Jack Sheen of Image Arcane ended up receiving aspects of both of these characters' personalities.

Chance Tomasaro

Chance Tomasaro - Chance is, essentially, the leader of a group of misfits who went on a quest to deactivate the Seven Towers. While most of the characters surrounding Chance are often quite eccentric and/or goofy, Chance is really serious and uptight. He's a bit arrogant, too; he thinks a lot of people are stupid, but he doesn't feel he's beneath helping them if they need it. Chance does care about his friends (even if he won't admit it), but he yells at them often when they argue or act silly. His best friend is Sesa Markino, even though Chance is often disgusted by Sesa's laid-back, goal-free outlook on life. He hates mountain devils because one of them killed his father, so it takes awhile for him to learn to trust Nucleo. Chance runs an ancient palace that was converted into a library/dojo/inn. This is where he lives and most of his friends hang out all day. He prefers to be called "Chance", but most of his friends call him "Chancey" because they know it annoys him. Having a background in both the Nispatia military and martial arts, Chance believes in strong discipline, although he sees most other forms of "education" as "dangerous".

Because Chance spent most of his life growing up alone, having never known his mother and his father always being away on heroic missions around the world, he became very multi-talented. He learned to fight, cook, run the palace inn, garden, and even repair mechanical objects (such as a downed airship behind the palace garden that he's been working on for years).

Although Chance currently owns the Image Arcane sword, he doesn't use it often because he finds it difficult to control. He instead either uses the Drago Sword (a slim, samurai-style sword that has an emblem of a sun shooting a single ray of light down the length of the blade), or his large metal bo-staff that can be used as a one-piece weapon, or split into two (Chance is ambidexterous). He is about 19 years old, but is more mature than some characters who are older than him.

Chance's RAU Scrapbook

Chester Hallet

Chester Hallet - Chester is a traveling entertainer, con-artist, and total goofball. He has many talents: he's a good comedian, he can play a guitar and a harmonica, sing, and for some reason, he's a naturally good driver and pilot, but he's either a little bit on the dumb side, or just really childlike and naive. (He tends to start all his paragraphs with "Dude!") In the original series, he drove around the world with his partner, Robin, in a jeep-like vehicle. I have decided to change this for the new series to a couple of airships that can lock together to form one giant airship, or break apart to form two. He is also somewhat of a packrat and tends to collect things.

Although Chester is happy most of the time, he seems to be haunted by a tragic event in his past, which he won't talk to anyone, not even Robin, about. For some unknown reason, Chester always keeps his jacket tied around his shoulders, a behavior you might associate with "yuppie" types, but he's actually more like a country folk. And despite his con-artist and packrat personality traits, he'd give you that coat off his back if you really needed it. His love for Robin is unwavering and he doesn't mind that she's half-demon at all.

Chester's weapon is called the "Sundial", and it is a very large yo-yo. When thrown, blades come out of the yo-yo's edge. (It's similar to the thing the character Rygar uses in the Tecmo game of the same name.) He is about 20 years old.

Chester's RAU Scrapbook

Christopher Paladin

Christopher Paladin - Christopher is the rightful prince of the desert elf kingdom, Aridia, but most of it was wiped out long ago by the Fire Lord, Karma. Long thought to be dead, Christopher had actually escaped fate because he earlier ran away, due to irreconcilable differences with his father, the Desert Elf King, Shaddah Palain. He didn't want to be the prince because of his beliefs that the people should choose who they want for their leader. He was also tired of having every aspect of his life controlled, due to his belief that everyone should be free to choose their own path. Nucleo McRaven was very happy to discover that he turned up alive and well later, because Christopher had been a student of his. He was, in fact, traveling with a circus, but because his act didn't bring in a lot of money, the circus owner considered him a liability. Professor McRaven paid off Christopher's debt to grant his freedom.

Christopher is a bit goofy, and really clumsy with a sword, but he has a heart of gold and strong magic potential. However, he doesn't take his powers seriously, so they're underdeveloped. Although 'Cleo generally agrees with Christopher's political opinions, he is a bit concerned that Chris doesn't really know what he does want to be. Christopher was also a major reoccurring character in the R.A.U. He provided much needed comic relief in both series, but he also proved he could get the job done in more serious situations when needed. He has a mind and heart completely unclouded by prejudice and does not see others in terms of race or species.

Christopher's weapon is the Light Scimitar, a sword shaped kind of like a half-moon and imbued with the power of Leohtiss, the Great Light Spirit. He is also left-handed, and about 15 years old.

Christopher's RAU Scrapbook

Cody DeckerCody Decker - A member of Desiree's pirate gang, the Quixotic Tigers. Cody often gets made fun of for dressing so gaudily, even though he thinks he looks great. He refuses to wear the Tigers' trademark orange scarf because it doesn't match the rest of his duds. Cody joined the pirates simply because he wants to get rich. He argues with Honen Calzoun and Kado a lot. He even backtalks Desiree and sometimes laughs at her. Cody is very vain and fancies himself a ladies' man, though he seemingly has no interest in Desiree, and his mannerisms are a bit questionable.

Cody's weapon is a pirate sword that has no handles on the hilt. Onboard Desiree's robot, he is mostly responsible for shooting the flamethrower. He is about 18 years old.

CopernicusCopernicus - Funny little imp I created for The Minerva Project known as only, for some inscrutable reason, "Copernicus". He was supposed to be a sidekick of sorts for Loro. This character currently has no role in Image Arcane.

Cory McRaven

Cory McRaven - Daughter of Nucleo McRaven and Image Arcane, she is half mountain devil and half demon-elf. Cory is young, but very stout-hearted and confident. She can handle herself in tough situations very well. She has a strange ability to communicate with, and sometimes control, certain animals and monsters. As a result of this, she was often bringing home "pets", and they eventually overtook poor Nucleo's living quarters. Being 'Cleo's top student, her magic is powerful, but she's still too young to control all of it, so sometimes her spells backfire in unpredictable ways. Cory sometimes gets childish "crushes" on the older male characters (like Christopher and even Chance of all people), but eventually, much later in the series, she became a good friend and writing partner of Talon Kyradius.

Cory often serves as a counterbalance for her father's "darker" side. When he starts to feel depressed or hopeless about certain situations (such as the loss of his wife, or the feeling that his efforts could be all for nothing), Cory has a way of bringing him around. Cory's energetic nature is sometimes too much for 'Cleo to handle, and they occasionally get into some funny arguments, but they love and respect each other very much. Cory, despite all her silliness, sometimes projects an air of maturity far beyond her years...and even beyond that of the older members of her group.

Cory's weapon is the Lunar Token, a small magical wand with a weird jewel attached to it in such a way that it can swivel around the ring at the end of the rod. She is about 12 years old.

Cory's RAU Scrapbook

Crelo KoboldCrelo Kobold - A Kobold chieftain working under King Bartholomew. Looks like a bulldog in armor and carries a harpoon-like weapon on his arm. In the old comics, Crelo Kobold was one of the pirates in Desiree's Quixotic Tigers gang. I don't think he quite fits that group's chemistry, though, so I've ousted him from that role.


Crow - An avian and cantankerous old wind mage. Crow is a long-time friend of Aurora Taglisa and the head of the Mage University of Grimmora. He is old, but still has some powerful magic. He is a grouchy old bird who didn't like or trust Nucleo for the longest time, but gradually grew to accept him, although he has trouble admitting it. "I knew someday you'd bring ruin to us all. I just didn't think it would be after you were dead," he tells 'Cleo in response to him bringing humans to Grimmora for the first time in hundreds of years. He also despises Christopher Paladin because he sees the young desert-elf as lazy and irresponsible. Crow kind of wishes he could settle down with someone and retire, but all of his romantic ventures have gone awry - a bit odd considering that he laughed at Aurora for admitting that she wished she could have a child (which was part of her motivation for adopting Nucleo).

Crow does not use any weapons, he strictly relies on his magic. He is about 82 years old.

Crow's RAU Scrapbook

CygnusCygnus - A dragon princess. I once planned a subplot about how she and Zephyr Arcane were in love with each other and having an affair, to prove he was a hypocrite for not wanting his daughter Image to be with a mountain devil. But I never did anything with it and just decided to drop it, and Cygnus, from the series entirely. I decided that Zephyr's true passion is his loyalty to Karma, and is so firm in his belief that his race is superior to all others, that he would not love a dragonian.

CykadaCykada - A space pirate insect-woman that was used only in The Minerva Project. She sometimes worked for CRASHER as a mercenary. No longer used.

CynossCynoss - The Elemental Lord of Chaos and Destruction. Cynoss was the archenemy of Skiva, the Elemental Lord of Balance. He literally feeds off of negative feelings and emotions, like pain, suffering, and hatred. Because of all the wars being waged by the competing species of Phainein (as a natural result of the other Great Elemental Spirits vying for world dominance), Cynoss gained enough power to defeat Skiva. This caused the world to plummet into ruin and despair. Cynoss was eventually defeated in the most ridiculous way, so if I bring him back for the new series, I definitely want to change that. In The Minerva Project, Cynoss was not a being of hatred, but a virus of sorts that infected and/or absorbed every living thing it touched. This was based on the original version's ability to corrupt living things he touched.






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