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GaeliaGaelia - Gaelia is a young girl that Prof. Nucleo McRaven saved from the clutches of the demon Kraken, who wanted to sacrifice her soul to open a portal to his home dimension. After a hectic rescue mission, the team returned Gaelia to her hometown, but they did not receive the "hero's welcome" they expected. No one believed their story and they were accused of being her kidnappers. The authorities tried to arrest them, but the business end of Deuce's bazooka, and Nucleo's Dark Shield spell allowed them to successfully retreat.

Although I thought the Gaelia character was kind of annoying because she lacked endearing character traits, and I was glad when her purpose in the story played out, I have to admit this scene was one of my favorites in the early episodes. It was very profound, not something often seen in cartoons of that era, and it led to an episode with the entire gang hiding out in some caves discussing their current situation. This was the first episode I wrote that was not a slam-bang all-out action-packed escapade, and simply had the characters trying to make sense out of things through words.

Ghestov Sal-Yun

Ghestov Sal-Yun - First of all, I apologize for Ghestov's utterly ridiculous design. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't put those stupid horns on his helmet, but oh well. Anyway, Ghestov is an exiled general from the same planet that Tomi and Deuce come from (he is obviously not the same race, though.) He was once well-decorated and well-respected, but it is unknown what made him suddenly go mad. Ghestov is responsible for destroying several cities, space colonies, and space stations before he was captured and exiled to another galaxy. Somehow, he managed to find the remains of the derelict CRASHER Space Fortress. Though he does not know the origin of the fortress, or the motives of its only inhabitants, Harken and Kin-Liu, he commandeered it and used it to exact revenge on his enemies. Mercenaries Deuce Koma and Tomi Forrester have a particular interest in hunting him down because his psychotic rampages destroyed Deuce's hometown and family. In the old series, he also destroyed the science exploration vessel that Dr. Lizaki worked aboard, which is what caused the lizardman scientist to track Ghestov down to Phainein.

Ghestov fled with CRASHER to Phainein because it was low on power. Harken and Kin-Liu detected the energy sources provided by the Seven Towers and suggested it could be used to revitalize the fortress. Upon his arrival, Ghestov demonstrated the fortress's incredible powers of destruction to gain followers, and set about on his misson to conquer all of Phainein. He hopes he can use its resources and manpower to create an invicible army, capable of returning to his home planet and overtaking it (or destroying it). He is about 54 years old.

GionneGionne - A lion-like man who works for CRASHER. He is very loyal to Lord Ghestov. Very strong, serious, and proud. He will only work for those with power, because power is what he respects. The other members of CRASHER don't quite like or trust him because he is not one to socialize, and they suspect that he keeps secrets about Ghestov's true plans and intentions from them.

Gionne's weapon is the Leo Lance, a staff with a lion-like paw at the end. The paw has many claws that stick out like spear tips. Gionne is about 27 years old.

Gordon FeathersGordon Feathers - A talking parakeet who was the drummer of the R.A.U. band. He sometimes doubled as the show's coordinator and often ran around backstage trying to keep things moving. He could generally stay cool under pressure.

Gossip RobinsGossip Robins - A group of robins that, you know, like to talk a lot. These characters were used once in the RAU, but I can't really remember any of the jokes they made. They were based on a real life group of baby robins I once knew. They never, ever stopped making noises, so that's what gave me the idea for this.

GrimmGrimm - Small, gremlin-like monsters that live in the Dark Forest of Nispatia. They come in various colors including blue, red, black, green, brown, and pink. They used to be rare but when humans stopped making regular trips into the Dark Forest, their numbers multiplied and they have become a hazard for forest travelers, though they rarely leave the confines of the woods.

HarkenHarken - One of two strange cat-like creatures that wander the hallways of the CRASHER space fortress, the other being Kin-Liu. Harken looks like a reaper of sorts, as he wears a hood and carries a scythe. These two seem to materialize and disappear at will, and they keep the ship repaired and running. Harken and Kin-Liu sometimes won't distinguish between friend and foe, and will even help out, or simply ignore, enemies of Ghestov. It's as though they have their own agenda. It is unknown if they are just a part of the ship, or have a true sentience of their own. Harken also wears a mysterious clock around his neck.

Harken's weapon is the huge Reaper Scythe that he carries around. His age is unknown.

HermesHermes - Hermes is a hermit crab from the RAU who had a peanut shell instead of a snail shell. Hermes sometimes experimented with other hollow objects for shells, too, and even at one time had a telephone on his back.

Hirochi Tomasaro

Hirochi Tomasaro - The father of Chance Tomasaro, Hirochi was once the most famous and well-respected swordsman/hero in the entire world...at least by humans. He was feared and hated by monsters and non-human species everywhere. He had once defeated the great red dragon, Sol, and recovered the Image Arcane Sword (aka Sword of Skiva) from it. Hirochi was a knight who lived by the laws of the "old age", where anything that wasn't human was considered a "monster", and they were not to be allowed near human towns and settlements, under penatly of death, no exceptions. Although his son, Chance is very conservative and is a real "honor-thy-father" type, he was never completely comfortable with this aspect of his father's rules. This probably explains why he doesn't just kill characters like Jack, Nucleo, and Snakeroot, despite the fact that all of them were messing around his hometown. Hirochi was killed by the rogue mountain devil Bazil Kyradius when Chance was very young. Bazil led an attack on Hirochi's town after an altercation in the Dark Forest. It is unclear who started the incident, but Bazil claims it was Hirochi. Chance claims otherwise.

Although Hirochi is an extremely important catalyst in the story of Image Arcane, he is one of my least-favorite characters, so I'm glad I don't have to deal with him much.

Honen Calzoun

Honen Calzoun - No one in the world of Image Arcane is better at making enemies than Honen Calzoun. This diminutive fellow has pissed off literally everyone who's crossed his path at one point or another, and is quite possibly the most arrogant character around - beating out even Bazil and Chance. (Bazil and Honen DESPISE each other greatly.) It's all because he has an unusual talent for creating robots and other mechanical contraptions and he wants his "genius" to be recognized. He was once a member of Desiree's pirate gang, and he was the one mostly responsible for creating their giant robot, but he eventually left after too many arguments with Desiree and Cody and the realization that working with them was getting him nowhere. He now works only with his partner Zumo (a giant talking worm), and is still determined to conquer the world with his inventions. Because Honen's, um...race...was unknown, it was speculated that he, himself, is either a robot or a member of an unknown race possibly created by an unknown elemental spirit, but no one really knows for sure. (Psst. Actually, he's a member of the super-reclusive Oni race from an island that came under attack long ago.) Honen speaks in a strange accent that makes him difficult to understand at times, and it's almost impossible to pinpoint because he swears in multiple languages.

Another issue that Honen confronts is that of the reawakening of magic in the world - people without magic powers, such as himself, are at an immediate disadvantage to those who possess them. Honen feels the world needs to re-embrace technology to combat the situation, and his dire concern over the matter has caused him to become contemptuous of anyone who has magic powers. It's strange, because he respects Professor McRaven's intellect, for example, but hates him anyway because he has magic in his blood. It's also ironic that, unlike most IA characters who harbor a hatred of something, Honen's is based entirely on that instead of species. How else to explain that he's willing to be friends with a giant worm? Eventually, Honen put aside his differences with Professor McRaven to help fight against Droma and Zimosa. This changed of heart occurred after Nucleo helped save Honen from dying of a rare bronchial disease.

Honen uses many different kinds of weapons, including a full-body suit of robot battle armor, but he is most notable for using a laser blaster or chucking bombs. Even though he detests antiquated weapons, he keeps a sword on hand for "when all else fails". His exact age is unknown, but believed to be in his 30's.

Honen's RAU Scrapbook

Image Arcane

Image Arcane - The wife of Nucleo McRaven, mother of Cory, and a strong demon-elf sorceress, archer, and swordwielder. In their youth, Image and Nucleo had been on many adventures, and they grew up together at the Mage University in Grimmora. Although her father, Zephyr Arcane, was strictly against her having a relationship with a mountain devil, she disobeyed him. Intelligent and inquisitive, she simply adored Nucleo and shared his fascination with the wonders of the ancient world. The two of them truly, deeply loved each other, even though in the world of Phainein, it is generally considered "taboo" for their two species to be involved with one another like that. She also had a powerful sword that was one of a kind - never has one like it been found anywhere else in the world. (In fact, it is the Sword of Skiva, which was forged from the fallen god's body.) Although many people disliked or distrusted her because she was a demon-elf, she did not mind it so long as she had friends like Nucleo and the priest, Stefan Ferguson. She was lost in a battle with the Elemental Lord of Fire, Karma at the Aridian Tower. Her sword, which had been thought destroyed in that fight, somehow later came into the possession of Chance Tomasaro. Nucleo is determined to learn as much about the towers and their connection to the Great Spirits as possible so that he may some day defeat Karma and avenge his beloved wife's death. Although Nucleo believes that she was murdered, the actual events that transpired at the tower on that day are a bit hazy and uncertain.

*** SPOILER *** Image Arcane didn't actually die at the tower. Nucleo thought Karma killed her, but in fact, he transformed her into Sol, the Dragon of Destruction. As Sol, Image remained in a catatonic state for 6 years until she was rescued. Nucleo and Image had been set up when they went to investigate the tower and it was Image's own father, Zephyr, who had requested that she be sent there to be turned into Sol.

Image's main weapon was the strange Sword of Skiva that had been specially forged to fight against the Great Spirits, although she was unaware that that is what it truly was. Because she had engraved her name onto it, it became known as the "Image Arcane Sword". She also had a bow that was shaped like two entwined snakes. She would be 38 years old if she was still alive.

Image Arcane's RAU Scrapbook






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