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Jack Sheen

Jack Sheen - A mischievous Waterlily Dragon who is believed to be the last of his kind in the world. Jack was terrorizing the town in which Chance and Sesa live for food. This is because his home town had been raided by humans long ago, and he lived on his own in the wild. Jack was captured after Sesa threw water on him, which made him unable to fly. Jack and Sesa became friends eventually, although he doesn't quite get along so well with Chance, often making fun of him or being defiant of his orders. Smart-alecky, confident, and able to take care of himself, Jack is quite a skilled little bastard in battle, fighting deftly with a dagger in each hand. Jack tends to be angsty and moody sometimes, especially when thinking about his past. Despite Jack's attitude problems, he is often the voice of reason, convincing his friends not to do things he knows they'd regret later. He hopes to someday find the family that he had been separated from in his youth.

Jack's weapons include two small sai-type daggers both shaped like the letter "J". He also has a normal sword and a strange crystal ball that allows him to cast water magic. (The crystal was created by the Great Water Spirit, Swan, and has been kept by the waterlily dragons for centuries.) Jack fancies himself a ninja, so he sometimes keeps other ninja-style weapons on him, like shuriken and smoke bombs. He is about 13 years old.

Jack's RAU Scrapbook

Jade BlytheJade Blythe - Eddy's twin sister Jade is much more malicious and violent than he is. She is also more competent and has more powerful magic, although her brother's bumbling often still causes her to fail her missions. Although most of the members of CRASHER were duped into thinking that Ghestov's plans will create a better world for them all, Jade could not personally care if they do or don't. She just wants to see action and fight. She loves making her enemies suffer, and will refrain from finishing them off just to see them suffer longer...which isn't really a smart idea because that usually gives them time to think of a way out of the situation or to be rescued.

Jade's weapon is the Illusiona, a cane with three crystals attached to it that are each imbued with a different kind of magical elemental power. She is about 18 years old.

Jaeger Dunlin IIIJaeger Dunlin III - Jaeger Dunlin III was a new character created for The RAU Gallery who was based on old drawings of a griffin that seems to be carrying a collection of marbles in a pouch. I never did anything with this character before, so that's why I used him for that purpose. Jaeger lives in the forests of Grimmora Valley and is a wannabe-vigilante of justice. This often causes him to poke his nose in situations where it doesn't really belong. He kind of has an attitude, although he means well.

Jaeger's RAU Scrapbook

JaguaroJaguaro - Character created for The Minerva Project. Never used for anything else. He was some kind of villainous panther-like creature, but I don't remember now what I intended to do with him.

Jaxon Cat O'NinetailsJaxon Cat O'Ninetails - Jaxon is a cat character that was created by Kiera Lordens for the Minerva Project. I drew some pictures of her, but never used her for anything, myself.

KadoKado - Kado is the world's greatest pizza delivery guy. He guarantees your pizza will get to you on-time. This means he often has to take shortcuts, and Kado's idea of a shortcut does not rule out driving off a cliff and landing in front of the customer's house. One day, Desiree's pirate gang showed up in his town and destroyed his pizza parlor. As payment, Kado made them take him on as a member so that he can cash in on the treasure they find to rebuild his establishment. Kado likes to scream everything he says and talk really fast. When dealing with the workers in his parlor or with Desiree and her gang, insults just fly right out of his mouth like water from a faucet. Cody thought his days of arguing were over once Honen Calzoun left the team, but then he got Kado...who might be even worse, but only slightly. (BTW, Kado's name is pronounced like "KAH-do" with the "a" sounding like the one in "khan".)

Kado's RAU Scrapbook

KarmaKarma - Fiery serpent, the Elemental Lord of Fire, Karma controls the Tower of Aridia. He is the one responsible for the defeat of Image Arcane and the Apocalypse that wiped out most of the Desert Elves. His direct servants are the red dragon, Sol, and the Firebirds. He is the one responsible for evolving humans into demon-elves. Power-hungry and extremely dangerous, Karma reneged on a deal with the Desert Elf King, Shaddah Paladin, and betrayed him. Nucleo McRaven is haunted by the memory of losing his wife to Karma at the tower, and hopes someday to find a means of defeating the Fire Lord to avenge Image's death.

KiiniKiini - The onboard computer of Deuce and Tomi's intergalactic cruiser. Kiini is the only part of the ship that survived the crash and still works. This cat is like a virtual databank of information on criminals, planets, and a lot of other stuff across the universe. If you need to know something, it might be wise to consult Kiini first. Even though it's basically a computer, Kiini has to eat stuff to keep running since he doesn't use batteries or electricity. He's been known to eat things like shoes, curtains, and dinner plates.

Kiini's RAU Scrapbook

King Cobra CondorKing Cobra Condor - A character created for the R.A.U.. Cobra is King of the Condors and he wears a crown in the shape of a coiled black snake.

Kin-LiuKin-Liu - Kin-Liu is the other cat-like being, along with Harken that patrols the halls of Ghestov's space fortress, CRASHER, and keeps it running. Kin-Liu can fight with karate. She is very mysterious and although she might just be a creation of those who built CRASHER, she seems to have a mind of her own. She and Harken are almost always seen together and they work in tandem. Some often wonder if the two cannot exist without each other.

Kin-Liu's weapon is a samurai katana. Her age is unknown.

KippoKippo - Character created for The Minerva Project. Don't really remember much about him except that he was part of TMP's version of CRASHER. He reminds me of a cross between a Dragon Ball Z character and something from the SNES game, Paladin's Quest. Kippo was based on the Japanese mythological river devil, the Kappa, which is what his name is a variation of. When he took his hat off, he had one of those "Friar Tuck" hairstyles like Kappas have.

PenguinKog - Looks like a penguin wearing a bandana. Not sure for what reason this was drawn. He was probably intended to be an RAU character and I have a pog with his name on it (which I how I remembered it), but I don't think he was actually used for anything.


Kraken - A really mean fish-like demon from another dimension. Kraken delighted in being an absolute jerk. He had a magic medallion that could open a portal between the real world and the dimension he came from. But in the real world, the medallion's power was weaker, so in order to use it to open a door between the two worlds, he had to sacrifice a human soul. Nucleo McRaven rescued a young girl named Gaelia from Kraken that he was planning to sacrifice for that purpose. The professor, along with help from Chance & Co., succeeded in sealing him in his own dimension. Even better, 'Cleo secured Kraken's medallion so that he could never return.

But Kraken did return later during an episode where Chance's entire group got shifted to and trapped in Kraken's home dimension. Kraken took his anger out on 'Cleo by kidnapping and threatening his daughter, Cory (shown here). He made Nucleo return his medallion in exchange for her life, but even though 'Cleo complied, Kraken boasted that he was going to "keep her". (A cliché, yes, I know, but Kraken's sadistic little plan was yet to be fully played out.)

Kraken's only weapon, besides his own claws and brute strength, is the mysterious medallion that he wears around his neck. Although the main purpose of the medallion was to open a portal, it appears to have also augmented Kraken's own magic as well as grant him use of spells he wouldn't be able to cast otherwise. Kraken's age is unknown.

KynkoanKynkoan - An albino kingsnake that I got the idea for creating after seeing a real albino kingsnake in a zoo. Kynkoan's resemblance to a "snake version" of Pinky from Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs is truly uncanny, but unintentional since I drew the character years before those shows existed (and Kynkoan didn't have an eggheaded partner who wanted to rule the world). This character was mostly used in the R.A.U., but he had a few cameos in Image Arcane, too. I probably won't be bringing him back into the new series, but even if I did, he'd have to go through a redesign.

LeohtissLeohtiss - Great Elemental Spirit of Light. Leohtiss is at a disadvantage over most of the other Great Spirits because she does not have control over a tower. This is why her desert-elves aren't much more evolved than normal humans and have weaker magic powers than Darkona's mountain devils and Karma's demon-elves. When Karma succeeded in wiping out most of her desert-elves, she puts her last hope of defeating the other elementals in Christopher Paladin and the Light Scimitar.

LeonLeon - Leon is a pirate cat that I never used for anything. He looks like he would have fit in with the R.A.U., but he was not actually created until long after I had quit writing that series. I think I might have reserved him for use in The Minerva Project, but never got around to him.

Leon StarlingLeona Starling - Leona was the high priestess of Oni Village, where Dr. Honen Calzoun had originally come from. Honen was abandoned by his parents as a young child in the jungles of Oni Island. Although he met up with Zumo and the two helped each other survive, he eventually returned to the village after being badly-injured. Unable to go to his parents, he went to the mountain sanctuary instead and was taken in by Leona. Leona nursed him back to health and it wasn't long before they were in love. However, Leona is deeply-religious and true to her teachings. In the Oni culture, they are forbidden to use high technology, machines, and weapons such as guns and bombs. But Honen, fearing they would be wiped out or enslaved by magic users or others who have such technology, began building machines and weapons and encouraging other Onis get behind his cause and do the same. Leona tried to stop him, but he refused, so she banished him from the village forever, with the threat of being killed on-sight if he ever returned.

Honen was left heartbroken and frustrated, but he believed that someday he could return and prove to Leona that he was right. Ironically, the Oni Village did come under attack by magic users in his absence, and almost everyone was killed, including Leona. This incident fueled Honen with a hatred of all magical-blooded creatures and the desire to wipe them out.

Leona's RAU Scrapbook

Linda SwiftlyLinda Swiftly - Linda Swiftly is an R.A.U. character that was in a few sketches and never used for anything else. She was perky, kind of annoying, and loved aerobic exercising. One of the "jokes" involving her is that she was always doing backflips.


Lizaki - A brilliant lizardman scientist and pilot. Lizaki arrived on the scene when a ship he was piloting crashed in the Grimmora Valley near the Mage University. Lizaki eventually became a teacher at the school as the head of the science department. For years, Lizaki kept the details of his origins a secret - he was assumed by others to be a Lizardman, one of Zara's minions, due to his resemblance to that species. But his inability to use any form of magic betrays the truth: He is not one of Zara's minions, but actually he came from another planet. Lizaki fled his home planet as a rebel and an outlaw because the science and technology that he dabbled in was forbidden there. Although he is good-natured and only wants to use his knowledge for the greater good, he has been branded a wanted criminal and kept his past a secret for fear of being tracked down. However, he has rather come to enjoy his life teaching at the Mage School and works towards getting his spaceship flying again every chance he gets. He is a good friend of Aurora Taglisa, Nucleo McRaven, and Preston Abirok. Space bounty hunters Deuce and Tomi are aware of Lizaki's identity and know of the price put on his head.

Lizaki has a much more lizard-like structure than even Zara's lizardmen, so he is very flexible, and his movements are exceptionally quick and nimble. He can sometimes slither right up sheer surfaces, walk along ceilings, and hang upsidedown. He carries an extendable spear in the shape of a screwdriver for a weapon, and he also has access to an array of laserguns that were onboard his ship. Lizaki is about 46 years old.

Lizaki's RAU Scrapbook


Loro - Character that was created for The Minerva Project. He was a very large lizardman who had both a reptilian and a human form. In the new series, Loro does not have a human form. He is strictly a lizardman. In fact, he is the exiled prince of the lizardmen, which are servants of the Beast Lord, Zara. He was outcasted due to his obsession with human-made objects, and also because after a rather tragic incident, he refused to participate in any more wars of conquest. Loro, you see, has the ability to feel what a person is feeling when he touches them, and upon experiencing the pain of one of his victims, he could no longer bring himself to fight for unjust causes. He has also been fascinated with manmade inventions and lives in an old house that contains thousands of items that he's collected over the years. This is unusual because most of Zara's minions absolutely hate humans and would not associate with them nor take any interest in anything they've created. Loro is using what he's learned from these things to invent something that could be helpful in bringing peace to the world. He also has very strong psionic powers that can be used to shoot a wave of energy or create a shield. Although Loro enjoys his solitude, he is still somewhat lonely.

Loro's weapon is a gargantuan halberd called "Death Angel". He is about 32 years old.

Lukyan Degorah

Lukyan Degorah - Lukyan is an ambitious sorcerer who travels the world in search of magical artifacts. He likes collecting them, and he especially likes getting ahold of things that can make him more powerful. You see, Lukyan is aware that people don't really know just how powerful magic can become. What is the limit? That's what Lukyan is determined to find out. He is completely without prejudice and will challenge anyone, any race, to a one-on-one battle of sorcery to test his skills. He's not out to prove humans are the best magic-users, only that he is. Lukyan has dragged the unwilling Nucleo into a couple of fights because of this, and also challenged Chance for the Image Arcane sword. He has lost every time. Although Lukyan is obsessive and kind of a jerk, and he rather delights in the chaotic nature of the world, and he is not exactly trusted by most people, he might not really be evil at all. He just needs to be convinced to join a greater cause.

Lukyan has quite a collection of magical artifacts, but by far his favorite weapon of choice is the Thunder Rod, which allows him to harness huge bolts of lightning. He travels around on a flying carpet. His exact age is unknown but he is believed to be somewhere between 25-35.

Lukyan's RAU Scrapbook






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