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Marissa - A strange fuzzy creature, Marissa is a member of a race of friendly monsters called "Furrows" that can be rode on like horses. The females are brown with yellow hair like Marissa, and the males are black with white hair. Although most Furrows are wild, Marissa is a tamed pet that belongs to the Mage University of Grimmora. She likes chasing frisbees and just running in general. She was only a cub when Aurora had adopted Nucleo, and she took an early liking to him. Because Marissa's presence seemed to ease 'Cleo's depression, Aurora allowed her newly-adopted son to take care of the furrow as his own pet. This would also prove to be Nucleo's first major responsibility, and would show Aurora just how capable a mountain devil could be of handling it.

Suffice it to say that 'Cleo took care of Marissa amazingly well, and she grew up to be a strong, healthy furrow that absolutely loves to be taken on expeditions. Although Marissa gets along fine with other people, too, she becomes sad for awhile whenever 'Cleo isn't around. However, there is one exception to that - she doesn't really like Crow, perhaps picking up on his rude, cantankerous nature.

Max KomodoMax Komodo - Max was one of the main cast members of the RAU, and a guitarist in the RAU Band. I believe Max was the bassist. Anyway, he had a cool attitude towards everything. Some of his personality traits were transferred over to Jack Sheen for IA, since Max would not be used for that series.

MiniMini - Mini is a hummingbird that only appeared in the R.A.U. She couldn't talk and expressed her thoughts and personality purely through her body gestures, motions, and facial expressions. She was actually one of the "stage managers" and always wore a pair of headphones for communicating with the various cast members. Sometimes she was paired up with the starling Vinny in the sketches, but she'd usually get frustrated with his stupidity and end up hitting him over the head.


Miyoko-8 - Miyoko is one of the most competent and intelligent members of CRASHER. She, like some of the others, does not believe Ghestov's intentions are evil and wants to see him make a better world. She is agile, fast, strong, and good with technology. She can pilot most any kind of ship. Although Miyoko is human, she has the ability to "morph" into a monster form that gives her added strength and speed, useful for fighting and escaping. She sometimes gets annoyed with the bumbling of Eddy and Jade, and usually has to pull their asses out of the fire, although she might care more about Eddy than she's willing to admit. Miyoko is smart, but still delights in annoying her enemies. She especially likes to insult them ("My, you're an ugly creature", she once told Nucleo.)

Miyoko sometimes uses a laser blaster for a weapon, but prefers to rely on her psionic powers and the brute strength granted to her by the genetic engineering that also resulted in her alternate form. She is about 21 years old.

Moldy PotroastMoldy Potroast - Moldy is a character from the RAU, sometimes depicted as a giant red blob, and othertimes as a giant green bubbling blob. He is a creature that lived in the back of the RAU refrigerator and had literally mutated from a moldy old potroast. This was based on the fact that leftovers in my household occasionally made their way to the back of the 'fridge, where they'd be forgotton and you know the rest...Because I was only about 10 or 11 years old when I created this character, I didn't know at the time that this was a lot more common than I thought.

MongooseMongoose - Character created for the R.A.U. I once had an idea for an RPG based on Image Arcane, and I thought Mongoose would make a funny hidden character. NOTE: It's been pointed out to me that Mongoose bears a striking resemblance to a character from The Simpsons called "Poochy". I assure you that it's coincidence, though a rather uncanny one, as I had never heard of Poochy before. Even so, it makes little difference now since I have no plans to ever use Mongoose again. The characters are dressed so similarly, though, that I have to wonder if it was some kind of fad back then and we both drew from the same source.

MoonshyMoonshy - A weird little dragon that is actually the Lunar Spirit. She lives on the moon and has the power to infect people with lycanthropy. Little is known about Moonshy. She does not have enough power to infect very many people at once, so she relies on the condition being spread through other means. Just like in most literary cases, anyone who is bitten by a lycanthrope becomes one themselves. It is believed that Moonshy is capable of changing her form.

Ninja StarlingNinja Starling - These ninja-like birds are a creation of the mad monk, Honen Calzoun. They are devoid of personality and feeling and simply do his bidding.

Nucleo McRaven

Nucleo Amadeus McRaven - A kind-hearted Aridian mountain devil who is very well-educated and intelligent. He is a professor of magic and human history at the Mage University of Grimmora. As an archaeologist, he has learned much about human culture from the old world on his many expeditions. Nucleo, like Bazil, is very unusual for his race in that he ventured out into the world instead of staying secluded in the mountains away from humanity. But unlike Bazil, he does not wish to conquer the world, merely fit into it somewhere, and help improve it. Although it had always been a dream of his to get out and see the world, which is usually forbidden in mountain devil socities, it became a matter in which he had no choice when he learned that his parents had sold him into slavery. He ran away to avoid this fate and was adopted by Aurora Taglisa, who taught him to read, write, fight, and control his magic powers.

Nucleo, or 'Cleo as some of his friends call him, has a vested interest in learning the secrets of the universe. He believes that discovering more about the world, its many life forms, magic, science, and even the stars beyond (which he has a telescope for studying) could lead to better things for the world. In particular, he hopes to find solutions to world problems like slavery, corruption, abuse, war, and prejudice, all of which have taken a toll on his past. Even though he is a powerful dark mage, 'Cleo would often rather be left alone to his studies, but he keeps getting dragged into situations beyond his control.

Despite his rather fierce appearance, he is very compassionate, but also tends to be impulsive. Though he is more civilized than most mountain devils, he can become quite vicious if his friends and/or family are threatened. He has a daughter, Cory, and was married to the demon-elf sorceress, Image Arcane. He is the oldest member of Chance's party and is often looked up to as a father figure of sorts by some of the youngsters, but he does not act authoritative to them, and in fact, usually relinquishes leadership duties to Chance or Deuce.

Nucleo's weapon is a large wooden bo staff. He uses this because he is too short to fight effectively with a sword. He is about 40 years old.

Nucleo's RAU Scrapbook

Ogrin DovekieOgrin Dovekie - A large avian that resembles a blue eagle with ram horns. Ogrin is a traveling merchant with a boisterous sense of humor. He is incredibly large and strong, and enjoys a good battle, though he is rather kind-hearted and jolly underneath his gruff exterior. Because his business in the sale and trade of weapons and useful items is his main concern, he does not particularly care who he sells them to, and is thus a rather unprejudiced character. However, sometimes he's a bit too proud of his avian heritage and tends to underestimate his own strength.

Ogrin's RAU Scrapbook






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