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Talon Kyradius

Talon Kyradius - Talon is Bazil's only and very neglected son. Talon was born with epilepsy, which prevents him from using magic. (Every attempt he's made causes him to have seizures.) Since he can't use magic and also because he is rather weak, his father sees him as being useless to his cause. Talon is shy and often bullied by other mountain devils (they shredded his wings so he couldn't fly away to escape). Thus, he spends most of his time alone. With little else to do, he learned to draw and has developed into quite a talented artist. He is one of the few mountain devils who does not view Professor Nucleo McRaven as a traitor to the species, but as an inspiration. Despite Talon's rather miserable living conditions, he remains optimistic that someday Bazil will abandon his mad crusades. He bears no ill will towards anyone, not even his father's enemies. But when Bazil failed to return home after a long time, Talon decided to risk his life and ask Chance Tomasaro if he knew what had happened. Chance found the condition Talon was in to be so deplorable, that he came to realize that it wasn't mountain devils he hated...just Bazil. (Talon is dressed similarly to Chance because Chance gave him a set of clothing that he used to wear when he was younger.)

Talon eventually became good friends with Cory McRaven. Although Talon could draw, he couldn't read or write, so Cory became his writing partner and helped teach him. However, Cory found it difficult to trust Talon at first, since he is the son of one of their worst enemies, and she believed he'd eventually betray Nucleo. But it became painfully clear that Talon feared living a life being judged by what Bazil did, and Cory started to see something more in him than he could see in himself. Ultimately, their relationship helped foster Talon's confidence.

Talon isn't much of a fighter and his only weapon for the longest time was a small knife that he used for little else than lock-picking. Later on, Chance and Nucleo helped teach him how to use a samurai sword and a bo staff. He is about 13 years old.

Talon's RAU Scrapbook

Taura Asa

Taura Asa - A girl that can levitate with psionic powers and was a trusted friend of the falconer Song Savis. I earlier reported that I couldn't remember much about this character and it took me forever just to remember her name. (Her name was what I had originally planned to call Miyoko-8, but changed it.) I also thought she might have been intended for The Minerva Project, and wasn't used in Image Arcane. This is inaccurate. Although she was never in any IA episodes that were actually drawn, I did find a script that had a scene that went something like this:

Taura and Song had rescued Christopher and Nucleo, who had both been knocked unconscious somewhere near the Grimmora Mountain Range that separates that continent from Nispatia. Taura was trying to tend to 'Cleo's wounds, but Song kept screaming at her to "get away from that monster, it can tear you to shreds if it wakes up!" But Taura kept defying her anyway, and she chastised Song for calling him a "monster" and other derogatory names. But neither of them were sure if 'Cleo and Christopher were friends who had been traveling together, or foes who had been fighting each other, so they separated them into different rooms and chained 'Cleo down, on Song's insistence that the mountain devil probably attacked the desert elf. Luckily, 'Cleo carries a card in his pocket that identifies him as the head of the Archaeological Department of the Grimmora University, which was enough to convince Taura that he probably wasn't evil.

Song and Taura were exact opposites in character, yet still got along really well. Song is cynical and world-weary. Taura is blissfully naive and innocent. It was probably for this reason that I wrote this scene - it was simply a "what if?" scenario - What would different people do if confronted with this mysterious situation? I think Taura and Song are interesting enough to deserve a place in the new series, so I might make them part of Chester and Robin's airship crew.

Taura's RAU Scrapbook

ThunoraThunora - A dragon made of lightning, the direct servant of the Elemental Lord of the Sky, Aira. It is believed that she cannot sustain herself on her own, and is powered by the energy still surging through the long-abandoned Sky Tower.

Tomi Forrester

Tomi Forrester - The partner of Deuce Koma, Tomi is a member of an intergalactic organization of bounty hunters. He looks like a kid, although he is an adult. That's just the way most people from his planet are. He actually really hates being mistaken for or treated like a kid. Tomi is often hungry and tired, so he eats constantly and usually looks like he hasn't slept in days. Tomi can be defiant of his superiors' orders if he thinks they are stupid. If he knows a better way to do something, he's very vocal about it. VERY vocal. He also likes to argue his political views with Deuce on their long voyages through space together. Tomi is an expert in all kinds of weaponry, including bombs and guns. However, he has to keep his temper in check because he's a victim of reoccurring spontaneous human combustion. (I can't type that without laughing.) Grouchy and cynical, Tomi is often the victim of comic relief, and he had a prominent role in the R.A.U., too. It isn't clear why Tomi decided to become a mercenary, except that he needs to do some line of work in which he can take out his aggressions on something or somebody.

Tomi is the most curmudgeony and cantankerous of Chance's group. His personality has been likened to that of a grumpy little old man. He would much rather get his spaceship repaired and return to his home planet than help all of Phainein with its troubles. Essentially, Tomi acts like he doesn't care about anything or anyone, even though that's not always the case. One thing rather odd is that Tomi initially seemed intimidated by Jack's angsty raging outbursts. He felt the waterlily dragon was a loose cannon that had to be watched at all times. Eventually, however, he got used to it and began brushing it off as "he's always like that. Don't let it bother you." This, perhaps, is indicative of Tomi's tendency of doing 180's.

Tomi uses all different kinds of weapons, but the one he relies on most is his custom-built laser blaster. He is about 26 years old.

Tomi's RAU Scrapbook

TorqueTorque - Torque is one of two dragon-like robots that belong to Honen Calzoun called dragonoids, the other one being Flune. The dragonoids have bodies made of steel ropes that are covered in armor. They can snare victims from hundreds of feet away, and then pull them close to clamp down on them with their steel jaws, or constrict them to death. Torque and Flune are the only two robots created by Honen that have a small amount of personality. Torque is the crankier of the two. Flune acts like a loose cannon.

UlyssesUlysses - Ulysses is a robot that was created by Lizaki. He can transform into other things that Lizaki programs him to, such as a motorcycle and a small plane. Ulysses once got stolen by Chester and Robin, but Sesa got him back. He has some AI, but not much.

Victor Markino

Victor Markino - Dr. Victor Markino is Sesa's father and a once well-known and respected doctor of medicine and inventor. Victor was a long-time friend of Chance's father, Hirochi Tomasaro. He was present the day Bazil's army invaded his hometown of Phoresa and killed Hirochi (and a lot of other people.) Although Victor does not like the idea of hating a species, the incident left him with a phobia of mountain devils. He moved far away from the town and became reclusive - a trait he had somewhat of a tendency towards anyway, and is probably one of the main reasons for his divorce. Sesa does not know his mother as he was raised almost exclusively by his father. Although Sesa and Victor care about each other, they never quite see eye-to-eye on some things and have thus grown apart. Victor also curiously chose to ignore Sesa's psychic powers, as though he didn't believe his son really had them.

Chance had also known Victor when he was growing up and sort of saw him as a "secondary father". It is through Victor that Chance learned some things about medicine and first aid. However, sometimes the gang still has to consult Dr. Markino when a health problem or injury is beyond their capability of healing. Christopher was once taken to Dr. Markino for a bad case of pneumonia. Victor even had to overcome his fear of mountain devils to help both Nucleo and Talon, which he liked doing since it gave him the opportunity to be the first human to learn about the normally-reclusive species. Victor Markino is about 39 years old.

Victor's RAU Scrapbook

VictoriaVictoria - Victoria is the mischievous minion of the Elemental Lord of Dreams, Droma. Unlike most minions, she is not completely loyal, as she has a real mind of her own. Droma is actually her father, and she doesn't always take kindly to following his orders. Therefore, Victoria could actually prove to be helpful in some situations, if persuaded...She has been known to communicate with Seth and Sesa.

VinnyVinny - Vinny is a starling character that only appeared in the R.A.U. He was a deliveryman/mailman who could barely see where he was going because he refused to wear his glasses. As a result, he was always falling down or crashing into things. He was often paired with a hummingbird named Mini. Mini couldn't talk, but was always getting frustrated with Vinny's stupidity.






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