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WhiskeyWhiskey - Felona Corona's shape-changing cat. Due to the backfired spell that Felona cast on him, he changes form whenever he sneezes. This poor cat often has the shiznits scared outta him by Felona's spells and wild rides on her witch's broom.

WildclawWildclaw - A large red cat who sports a bandana, totes an AK-47, and wears a magical Cat's-Eye ring around her tail. Wildclaw is one of my oldest character concepts, although I've never really done much with her. She had a cameo here and there in the preliminaries, but that's about it. I did have plans to make Wildclaw one of Scry Salvadore's "outlaws" for the Arkantos storyline that I never really completed in the original script. She's a little rude and speaks in a "Cheech Marin"-esque dialect. She looks, acts, and sounds like a man and is often mistaken for being male, which causes her to retaliate by questioning the person's gender.

Wildclaw's RAU Scrapbook

Wyvern KingWyvern King - Another one of the demon kings. Not much is known about this guy. He has a symbiotic fuzzball monster that lives around his neck called "Nebula".

XERAXERA - A giant flying white robotic dragon that is a creation of Honen Calzoun's. XERA, like most of his creations, does not have its own sentience. It is his airship and main mode of transportation. XERA was eventually destroyed by Deuce Koma and Nucleo McRaven.

ZaraZara - The Elemental Lord of Monsters and Beasts. Zara can change into multiple forms. He rules the Tower of Arkantos and his direct servant is the sorceress, Roxanne. Zara is one of the nastier gods, as he despises all humans and any species that resemble humans. His minions include the beastmen, lizardmen, catpeople, and insectoids, and their armies have already overtaken the entire continent of Arkantos. He also beat back Swan's army and have forced him to retreat to the confines of his dilapidated water tower. However, one thorn in Zara's side is that some of his minions, led by Scry Salvadore and Wildclaw, have become disloyal to him and a civil war movement has already begun. The rebels hope to break free of their servitude to Zara so that they can establish a more democratic form of self-government.

Zephyr Arcane

Zephyr Arcane - The father of Image Arcane is now currently the Demon-Elf King. He disowned his daughter after she fell in love with a mountain devil. (Demon-Elves and Mountain Devils generally don't like each other.) He is known for being ruthless and is quietly organizing the demon-elves in preparation for world conquest. He has given troule to Felona Corona in the past because of her incompetence.

Zephyr is so passionate about his loyalty to Karma and his belief that his race is superior to all others and will rightfully dominate the world, that he will go to inconceivable lengths to serve his fiery god, including sacrificing his own daughter for the "greater cause". Upon learning the truth about what happened to his wife Image Arcane at the Aridian Tower, and that it was at the behest of her own father, Nucleo became enraged and told Zephyr that there was nobody on the planet that he hated more than him. Nucleo, by this time knowing the truth behind what the elemental gods really are, tells him, "You're worshipping someone's science experiment!" "You're a servant of a deposed god who doesn't know his place in the world," is Zephyr's reply.

Zephyr's weapon is a very large club that consists of three spiked balls. He is about 75 years old, but since demon-elves don't age as fast as most other species, that's still rather young.


Zimosa - The mysterious man known only as Zimosa has studied and researched the Seven Towers for many years. He came to help out Chance and his friends on their quest after hearing about how they defeated the Elemental Lord of Plants, Spectre, at the Tower of Nispatia. He wants to deactivate the towers because of the potential threat they pose to the planet's stability and the life on it. He has been unable to do anything about it until now because the various Great Spirits have taken up residence in them. Zimosa also has a more personal interest in sealing the towers - he is concerned about the extinction of the human race. He believes that "pure" humans will eventually disappear, as the power of the Great Spirits will continue to evolve them into other forms, and then those that aren't evolved will eventually be killed. He is strictly against the idea of humans getting into relationships with non-humans. Zimosa keeps his most sinister intentions secret, but occasionally confides some of them in Chance. Sensing Chance's own reservations, Zimosa believes he is the one most likely to take up his cause. But even the highly-conservative Chance finds Zimosa's ideals paranoid and insane. Chance doesn't completely trust Zimosa, but he has little choice since no one else knows as much about the towers.

Zimosa's weapon is difficult to describe without a picture. It is called the "Byron Spire", and it consists of two large spikes with a handle in the middle that connects them. The handle is also where the weapon is held. Zimosa's age is unknown, but it is believed he is somewhere between 25-30.


Zumo - A giant, talking worm. Zumo is the only non-robotic friend of Honen Calzoun, and even then calling him a "friend" could be stretching the meaning of the word. Zumo likes being sarcastic and making fun of Honen at every opportunity, so it's not even clear why Honen tolerates him, except that maybe he needs Zumo's money to fund his projects. Zumo has a habit of gambling which sometimes lands him in trouble, but other times he gets really lucky and strikes it rich. Zumo's mind has a tendency to wander when he gets bored, and he's been known to simply leave in the middle of battles to go get something to eat. He's also lazy and lecherous - hitting on women even if they aren't his own species.

Zumo claims to be of a race known as "Annelids", although he is the only known member of said race in the world. Despite how much he picks on Honen and depiste his somewhat-irresponsible nature, it's possible that he does really care about him. Zumo had happened upon Honen when Honen was a very young child abandoned in the jungles of Oni Island. For reasons even Zumo does not really understand, he felt sorry for him and took care of him, and to this day, Zumo still feels a responsibility to look after him, even though he'll claim it's because it's too hard for an Annelid to get along in the world on its own.

Zumo's age is unknown.

Zumo's RAU Scrapbook





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