Oddities 31: Switched at Birth? Part 11

I wouldn't have thought you could make an entire website out of this stuff, but it's starting to look that way. Thanks again for everyone's submissions!

Andross from Star Fox

The MCP from TRON

Submitted by Deathamster.

FO's Comment: I wonder if the MCP was the inspiration behind Andross? They look similar (both a big white virtual reality head), but they are defeated in totally different manners.

Arale from Dr. Slump

Lucca from Chrono Trigger

Submitted by Thibaut Salembier, "Arale from Dr. Slump and Lucca from Chrono Trigger really look alike! Of course, they've both been designed by Akira Toriyama... Would it be possible that Lucca is a grown up version of Arale?"

FO's Comment: Looks like Akira Toriyama just reused one of his older designs.

Nameless One (Player 1)
from Forgotten Worlds

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Submitted by Sotenga, "Is there an action hero in video games with sunglasses that doesn't look like Ahnuld?"

FO's Comment: One day, about a thousand years from now, our descendants are going to unearth the ancient remnants of our culture and wonder why the hell we were so obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Balrog from Street Fighter 2

Mike Tyson

Submitted by Sotenga, "This is so obvious. His original name was switched to avoid lawsuits."

FO's Comment: Yup. That's true. In Japan, Balrog is M. Bison, M. Bison is Vega, and Vega is Balrog. Confusing, ain't it?

Tommy Lasorda

President Bill Clinton

Submitted by Jason Krietsch, "The former president has been kidnapped by baseball players, are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?"

FO's Comment: HAH!


Space Ghost

Submitted by Junus Crowe.

FO's Comment: This one is apparently well-known.

Fei Long from Street Fighter 2

Bruce Lee

Submitted by Sotenga.

FO's Comment: From what I understand, this was done on purpose. Fei Long is a tribute to Bruce Lee.

Cham Cham from Samurai Shodown 2

Lum from Urusei Yatsura

Submitted by Will B., "After having a look at the latest S.A.B., I noticed a new one for you. Lum from Urusei Yatsura looks remarkably like Cham Cham from Samurai Shodown 2. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding, so here's a picture of Cham Cham. Quite similar, no?"

FO's Comment: Wow! That's one's so uncanny it's hard to believe it could be coincidence.

The Cheat from Homestar Runner

Pikachu from Pokemon

Submitted by Sotenga, "Aww... so cute."

FO's Comment: Sorta...

Choi Bounge from King of Fighters

Freddy Krueger

Submitted by Sotenga.

FO's Comment: Something about Coi Bounge also reminds me of David Letterman's band leader, Paul Shaffer.

Setzer from
Final Fantasy 6

Alucard from

Vicious from
Cowboy Bebop

Sephiroth from
Final Fantasy 7

We had the Setzer/Alucard comparison once before, but AlanB2099 has more to add, "First, all four are characters in long black coats with long white hair. None of them are very friendly and all but Setzer uses a sword. In one way or another they're all on the opposite side of the law. Sephiroth from FF7 is a former soldier turned would-be-world-destroyer. Setzer from Final Fantasy 6 is a gambler and tries to kidnap thew woman he's obsessed with. Alucard from Castlevania is the son of the Lord of the Vampires, and Vicious from Cowboy Bebop is one of the highest ranking members of an Organized Crime syndicate."

FO's Comment: I can't really add anything more to that.

Akira from Dance Dance Revolution

Roger Smith from Big O

Submitted by PenguinMan26, "Kinda makes you wonder what Roger does in his spare time."

FO's Comment: It would if I knew more about Big O.

Venom from Guilty Gear X

Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe

Submitted by Codie Martin, "I was talking with Jay on AIM today, and we got on the subject of Guilty Gear X2. He said the Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe looks a lot like Venom from Guilty Gear X. I agree. Something about the covered face, black gloves, and a stick I guess. Credit should go to him for finding this; I'm just the delivery girl. If you post it, he said "Jay Resop" from credit will do. "

FO's Comment: Weird. It doesn't seem obvious at first, but it works on a more "subconscious" level.

Colin Monk

Nick Bruiser from Super Punch-Out!!

Submitted by Ruudos, "While watching darts, my brother said 'Hey Nick Bruiser!', and he's right. Colin Monk is a darts player, a good one too. He looks very much like Rick Bruiser from Super Punch-Out!!."

FO's Comment: Cool.

Colonel Red from
Gunstar Heroes

M. Bison from
Street Fighter 2

Brocken from
World Heroes

The Colonel Red/M. Bison part was submitted by Sotenga who says, "When I first saw this guy, my mind screamed "BOOTLEG!""

FO's Comment: I remember thinking almost the same thought when I saw Brocken in World Heroes 2 several years ago.

M. Bison from Street Fighter 2

General Ahkboob from Total Carnage

Submitted by Nixxy Blayde.

FO's Comment: Yet another M. Bison spoof.

Robert Garcia & Ryo Sakazaki
from Art of Fighting

Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter Alpha

Submitted by Sotenga, "Dan was created to mock Ryo/Robert. What, you didn't know that?"

FO's Comment: I'm not sure how creating a super-ridiculous game character counts for mocking someone else's, but okay...

Ryo Sakazaki from
Art of Fighting

Ken from
Street Fighter 2

Super Saiyan Goku from
Dragon Ball Z

FO's Comment: As soon as I saw Ryo Sakazaki, I immediately thought he looked like Ken. Maybe that's why Capcom chose to mock him with that Dan Hibiki guy. On the other hand, it seems like Ken may have been inspired by Dragon Ball Z. Both Ken and Super Saiyan Goku have blonde hair, torn orange/red gi's, and the Hadouken fireball is a lot like the Kamehameha (sp?) attack.

Riptor from Killer Instinct

Dinobot from Beast Wars

Submitted by James FP, "Well, I don't know what you'd except. They're both Jurassic Park-inspired Velociraptors!"

FO's Comment: Except that the upper part of Riptor's body and head look more like a cobra to me...

Dynamite Headdy


Submitted by Jody Miyamoto, "For some reason, I believe that Rayman may be a decendant of this little known gem for Sega Genesis....."

FO's Comment: They're both members of a race of limbless and neckless creatures, I guess...

Green Goblin from
Freddy Krueger from
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Gen-an from
Samurai Shodown

Submitted by Sotenga, "Real creepy, no? Imagine Gen-An with a flight board, and whoomp, there it is," and, "SNK sure has an obsession with Freddy Krueger".

FO's Comment: Can't really add more to that, but...

Gen-an from Samurai Shodown

Gollum from the Lord of the Rings

FO's Comment: Gen-an also reminds me a lot of Gollum. It's funny because when I read The Hobbit many years ago, I pictured Gollum as looking like a giant frog! I wouldn't have guessed he looked somewhat more humanoid.



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