Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits



Johnny Depp from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Either this is a really weird coincidence, or I'm not the only Bebedora nut in the world...

The Mad Hatter
Yugi from Tenchi in Tokyo

Submitted by SethraShnoo and James FP. Hmmm...the game says the Divine Ruler created Bebedora, but now I'm beginning to wonder. And you wanna know what's even weirder? Both Bebedora and Yugi have the same voice actor! (Debi Derryberry)

Auron from Final Fantasy X


Too bad Zev doesn't have a ponytail hidden in his coat.


John Talbain from DarkStalkers

It's not just that they're both big lupine men, but they're both blue, and they have matching light & dark blue hair patterns.

Lamda Tournament Robots


Alien-headed robots in the Lamda Tournament and Flying Castle!

Lamda Tournament Robots

Life Virus from Mega Man Battle Network

Submitted by Fenrir X. These guys also look similar.


Master Belch
from EarthBound

And they're both really disgusting characters.

Rei Ayanami from
Neon Genesis Evangelion


If you put Bebedora's hat on Rei's head, I swear they'd look exactly alike (in the face only, not the clothes...unless you also dressed them both up in the same clothing). They have the same hairstyle, same hair color, face shape, moody look, and pale complexion.


Edgar from Final Fantasy 6

Both have long blonde hair in a ponytail and a similar blue collar...


The Tin Woodsman

Picture of Tin Woodsman from Wendy's Wizard of Oz Site.


Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7

Velhart is actually from Arc the Lad 3, but he's mentioned on one of the statues in Rueloon in Arc 4.

Bebedora's Rabbit

Miffy the Rabbit

I think Bebedora's rabbit is a direct rip-off of Miffy. I couldn't get it to show up really well in a screenshot, but Beb's rabbit even has the X-shaped mouth.

Hiruko from Shinobi


Submitted by Crawl and 1000, "Hiruko from Shinobi has the same tall, narrow hat with an eyeball that Bebedora has." (Bebedora certainly has her share of look-a-likes.)

Bebedora = Karakasa?



The Karakasa (or Kasa Obake) is a Japanese mythological creature. It is basically an umbrella that is possessed by a spirit. I'm nearly convinced now that Bebedora's design was based on the Karakasa, and this is how it happened:

I was playing Kirby's Dream Land 3 and that mini-boss in the screenshot there was giving off a very strong "Bebedora" vibe. The single eyeball and long hanging tongue reminded me of the eyeball on Bebedora's hat and the tongue on her dress. Also, the enemy is an umbrella, and Bebedora's dress billows out like an umbrella. (And the way she stretches her neck up is sort of reminiscent of the way you open and close an umbrella.)

Now, I might have thought it all to be just another weird, but coincidental SAB, if not for the fact that I'd seen these umbrellas in other games:


Here they are in The Legend of the Mystical Ninja and Pocky & Rocky (respectively). I think it's possible that Mystical Ninja is where I first saw them, but to be honest, it wasn't until I started seeing them elsewhere that I realized they were umbrellas. I thought they were mushrooms. Anyway, this led to me to seek out this Wikipedia page: To quote from that source:

a form of Japanese Spirit that originate from objects reaching their 100th year of existence, thus becoming animate.

Bebedora is also an inanimate object that is over 100 years old and became animate through a spirit. In her case, she's a puppet, not an umbrella, but as I already pointed out, her dress is like an umbrella, and this probably explains why it's like that. I think it's all too much to be a coincidence.


Arukenimon from Digimon

Submitted by Vlad Sporea, "Same haircolour, similar hat, they dress in red! I think that they could be the same person!"

Shibi from Naruto


Submitted by q q.



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