Videogame Oddities:
More Nintendo Nudity

The Secret of Mana article that mentioned the picture of the nude woman that the National Scar and Mystic Book enemies sometimes exhibit has been one of the most popular articles on this site. Here are some more blatant examples of videogame characters in the buff.


During the simulation scenes, ActRaiser has you in control of a naked angel. Not much to really speak of, but I used to find it slightly amusing that you can see his little bare ass when he turns around.

Breath of Fire 2

Crawl and 1000 says: Deathevan has chest bursters for penises.

FO's Note: I had thought about adding Deathevan to this article before, but his design is so bizarre, I wasn't sure if it really counted.

Final Fantasy

Along with the uncanny resemblance Deathevan bears to him, some people on the forums pointed out that the snake thing coming out of the final boss, Chaos, looks like a phallus. I'm not 100% sure of that one. It looks more to me like it's coming out of his abdomen, not his crotch. I'll leave it up for you to decide.

Kid Icarus

The final level has topless Venus de Milo statues. Also, the Syren enemy appeared (very) barebreasted in the manual.

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja features a Tanuki character with an enlarged and fully-visible scrotum. This was the first image of a "true" Tanuki I had ever seen (not counting "Tanooki Mario"), and I had no idea what I was looking at back then.

The Magic of Scheherazade

The boss of Chapter 2, Curly (a mistranslation of Kali) is barechested. This was the first instance of nudity I ever saw in an NES game (although Kid Icarus came earlier, I didn't actually play it until later), and I was a little surprised by it. The demon is clearly referred to as being "female" in the game's dialogue, as shown in this screenshot.

Rise of the Robots

While some of these entries make me wonder how they got missed (or allowed) by the censors, this one I could understand, because it's difficult to see on a normal television set, especially against all the game's dark and/or blue backgrounds. However, with the extra clarity emulation grants us on a computer, it's pretty obvious that from certain angles, the Cyborg's junk is clearly visible. It's especially noticeable when he does the kick that causes him to turn his ass towards the screen.

To prove that it's not part of the background and I'm not trying to shanghai you here, there it is again on a different background.

And the crouching kick view... it's just a single pixel, but it's there.

While it's not really noticeable from most front views, it is from this one. All I have to say is, why? Why, why, why, why, why???? Why would they think you'd want to see that while fighting? (Although, why they thought you'd want to play this game at all might be an even better question.)

River City Ransom

If you pay a few dollars to use the sauna at Pop's Health Club, you're treated to a nice view of Alex's naked chubby ass, complete with visible moles (or dimples). I'm sure that's just what everyone wanted to see. I remember a time when the internet was young and this scene was the game's main claim to fame.

Secret of Mana

As mentioned on the Secret of Mana oddities page, the National Scar and Mystic Book enemies flip through their pages to cast spells and sometimes "accidentally" land on this image of a nude centerfold.

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

The first level has a building with neon signs depicting naked women. This was actually mentioned in my review of this game way back when I first wrote it.

Super Castlevania 4

One of the most infamous examples: The Medusa boss in Castlevania IV is clearly topless. I was a little surprised when I first saw a screenshot of this in Nintendo Power magazine.

Taboo: The Sixth Sense

This was sent it by Dean Tersigni of, "I was researching the font in the NES "game" Taboo, and I noticed that two of the tarot card pictures feature nudity. One shows a man's nude butt, but one shows a woman's bare breast, complete with nipples."

FO's Comment: The Lovers card has the naked woman and man together. The Priestess card has the bare-breasted woman. This "game" did have a warning label on it that it wasn't intended for children under the age of 13, but it's still rather surprising that Nintendo didn't censor it.

FO's Comment: The Strength card also depicts a chimera with a lion's body and the upper naked torso of a woman protruding out of its back.

Wanderers From Ys

Ys 3: Wanderers From Ys contains two distinctly-female bosses that are all-too-distinctly bare-chested. The first is Elefeir, a statue with the upper body of a woman. The second is Ligaety, a harpy that attacks in the Eldam Mountains.

Yoshi's Island

This entry was contributed by Deltastar. This is probably the single most bizarre case of hidden SNES nudity yet:

"I discovered this one day years ago when I decided to play some Yoshi's Island to relive the good old days. While playing level 4-1: "GO! GO! MARIO!!", I found this structure after the area with the Fuzzies. I remember whenever I used to ground-pound it I would feel a little queasy. Why? Well, can't you see?

No? Well, how about I pop it into my fave Paint Shop Pro 8 and "modify" it a bit (sorry, a bit rusty with the mouse lately, but you get the idea)..."

Ha!! Bet you get it now, huh? Who would've thought that the programmers at Ninty would throw something like this in? And a baby is present! I don't blame Yoshi for his response to that! Green Yoshi is the leader of the Yoshis, so only he gets to see it (guess being the leader has some perks, eh?)."

FO's Comment: Man, that is bizarre. That is even more subliminal than the mountain in Kid Niki that's shaped like a hand flipping the bird.



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