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Wacky Worlds (Genesis)

Cross-Series (Various): The Genesis game Wacky Worlds has cameos by Sonic, Tails, Toejam & Earl, and Ecco the Dolphin. (Credit: Yashiro Nanakase)
Status: TRUE: Verified by &

Wai Wai World (Famicom)

Cross-Series (Various): The game is nothing but a giant bunch of cameos. Characters from other Konami games that appear in this include include Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Goemon from the Goemon games, Fuuma from Getsu Fuumaden, the Vic Viper from Gradius, Mikey from Goonies, Twinbee and Dr. Cinnamon from the Twinbee games, Moai from Moai Kun and King Kong from the MSX 2 and Famicom King Kong games. And of course, this game is where Konami Man and Konami Girl came from. (Credit: Dire 51)
Status: TRUE: Verified by FO. Source: The OPCFG.

Wai Wai World 2: SOS! Parsley Castle (Famicom)

Cross-Series (Various): Just like the first, more cameos abound in this. Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Bill from Contra, Fuuma from Getsufuu Maden, Goemon from the Goemon games, the Vic Viper from Gradius, Twinbee from the Twinbee games and Upa from Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa are all in this. (Credit: Dire 51)
Status: TRUE: Verified by FO. Source: The OPCFG.

Waku Waku 7 (Multiplatform)

Cross-Series (Galaxy Fight): Bonus Kun from Galaxy Fight is also in Waku Waku 7. (Credit: Iqniz & Codie Martin)
Status: TRUE: (Screenshot) from proves it.

Wario Land 2 (GB)

Cross-Series (Donkey Kong): There are apes who wield hammers that look somewhat like the oldschool Donkey Kong, and they hammer away in the same way that Mario did in the original arcade Donkey Kong. (Credit: Aaron Campbell)
Status: Unverified

Cross-Series (Various): Treasures in the game include a Yoshi egg, a Dr. Mario pill, a Game Boy, and a Metroid. (Credit: Codie Martin & JG Shady)
Status: Unverified

Wario's Woods (NES/SNES)

Character Cameo: Toad is the main character of Wario's Woods. Birdo also appears in the one-player mode. (Credit: JG Shady & Flying Omelette)
Status: TRUE: (Screenshot) proves it.

Wario Ware Inc. (GBA)

Cross-Series (Dragon Warrior): 9-Volt's stage is a spoof of Dragon Warrior. It has a Dragon Warrior-style overworld and you gain experience points for each mini-game you win. (Credit: Deven711)
Status: TRUE: Verified by Crawl and 1000.

Cross-Series (Various): This game is just full of cameos from other Nintendo games! There are music and mini-games based on Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Dr. Mario, the Legend of Zelda, F-Zero, the R.O.B., Ice Climber, Punch-Out!!, Metroid, Balloon Fight, Urban Champion, Duck Hunt, and Excitebike. (Credit: Crawl and 1000)
Status: TRUE: Verified by FO.

Cross-Series (Konami): Sometimes, in Level 3 of the mini-game "Code Buster", it asks you to push Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, which is the famous Konami code used for several of their NES games. (To make it even more interesting, press B, A, Start after you complete the code.) (Credit: Deven711)
Status: Unverified

Various: Here is a list of cameos I have found for Wario Ware Inc.

  • Wario Whirled - Name is a parody of Wario World.
  • The Maze That Pays - Looks similar to Pac-Man (with coins in place of power pellets)
  • Super Wario Bros. - Name is a parody of Super Mario Bros.
  • Classic Clash I, II, III - All three of these games feature Mario and Bowser.
  • I Came, I Saw - After you saw the third log, you will see a baseball player doing sit-ups inside. This character is taken from Mario Paint (at the beginning of the game, after you click on Mario, you see him briefly). FO's note: He's also in the music selection screen of Mario Paint.
  • Fries With That? - Levels two and three have you putting ketchup on a package of fries. The package of fries has a "W" on it. The W probably stands for Wario, but the way that the W is written looks like the McDonald's arches upside-down.
  • The Real McCoy Hare Scare - Game Boy Advances are shown in both of these games.
  • Veggie Might - This is a parody of the Australian vegetable spread Vegemite.
  • Wario Bros. - Name is a parody of Mario Bros.
  • Vermin - This is a reference to the Game & Watch game Vermin.
  • Unexcite Bike - Name is a parody of Excitebike.
  • Grow Wario Grow - The music and graphics for this game are taken from Super Mario Land, but Wario's sprite is taken from Wario Land.
  • Rock Paper Scissors - Mario is featured.
  • Wario Facial - Mario and Luigi's hats, eyes and mustaches are featured.
  • The Wario Ware microgame features Mario.
  • Dr. Wario - Name is a parody of Dr. Mario. (Credit: KingTT)
    Status: Unverified

    Cross-Series (Various): All of 9-Volt's games are Nintendo games or products: Balloon Fight (NES), Duck Hunt (NES), Game Boy (Portable Game System), Donkey Kong (Arcade), F-Zero (SNES), Family Basic (Famicom keyboard), Super Mario Bros. (NES), Ultra Hand ("Magic Hand" device), Chitorie (Remote-controlled vacuum cleaner), Laser Outlaw (Arcade), Hogan's Alley (NES), Mario Paint: Fly Swatter (SNES; Fly Swatter was a minigame within Mario Paint), Ice Climber (NES), Legend of Zelda (NES), Sheriff (Arcade), Dr. Mario (NES), Racing 112 (Television Video Game), Mario Clash (Virtual Boy), Helmet (Game & Watch), Urban Champion (NES), Stack-Up (NES), Metroid (NES), Wild Gunman (NES), LazerBlazer (SNES), and Ultra Machine (Batting Machine). (Credit: KingTT)
    Status: Unverified

    Wario World (GCN)

    Cross-Series: The first showdown boss looks and acts like Yoshi. She (yes, it is a girl) is green, has a white stomach, and she sticks her large tongue out at you. (Credit: Deven711)
    Status: TRUE: (Screenshot) from proves it.

    Console (Various): Some of the treasures you can get include a Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Gamecube, and an NES. (Credit: Deven711)
    Status: Unverified

    Wave Race: Blue Storm (GCN)

    Cross-Series (1080 Snowboarding): Four of the characters in this game share names with four of the snowboarders in 1080 Snowboarding (N64). (Credit: Mark Kelly)
    Status: Unverified

    West Bank (C64)

    Music (Scott Joplin): The theme tune is a Scott Joplin rag. (Credit: Andy Thorley)
    Status: Unverified

    Wild 9 (PS1)

    Cross-Series (Earthworm Jim): The background music for the Beast Ride stage is the "Use Your Head" music from Earthworm Jim Special Edition. Aside from the Wild 9 version only looping once, the track is identical to the Earthworm Jim Special Edition version. (Credit: Codie Martin)
    Status: TRUE: The "Use Your Head" song is Track 10. I'd reccomend going to Zophar's Domain and downloading the Earthworm Jim .rar. The "Use Your Head" is labeled as "Buttville" (oddly, the actual Buttville stage isn't on the .rar file). It doesn't sound exactly like the song on Wild 9, but it's close enough to tell they're related (remember; EWJ:SE remixed the song, then Shiny used the remix in Wild 9).

    Programmers: In the ending, when you get a glimpse of the back of Wex's vehicle, his license plate reads "SHINY", the makers of the game. (Credit: CodieMartin)
    Status: Unverified

    Music (Amazing Grace): Amazing Grace is the Game Over screen's music. (Credit: Codie Martin)
    Status: TRUE: For confirmation, pop the disc into a CD player and go to track 14, I believe. Second to last on the disc.

    Famous Person/Cross-Series (David Bowie/Earthworm Jim): B'Angus has the David Bowie eyes, like what Earthworm Jim has. I'm not sure if you want to consider this a reference to Earthworm Jim, or David Bowie. I'd go with David Bowie, because that's what EWJ's eyes are based off. Obviously, that's something Shiny really likes to put in their games. (Credit: Codie Martin)
    Status: TRUE: (Picture) proves it.

    Wild Arms 3 (PS2)

    Specific Reference: During the game, you will have the opportunity to collect a series of "Adventure Books" to read to Clive's daughter. A principle character in these stories is Marivel Armitage, from Wild Arms 2, though the plot of the Adventure Books does not in any way reflect the WA2 storyline. (Credit: Devin de Gruyl)
    Status: Unverified

    Character Cameo: The main character of WA3, Virginia Maxwell, shares her last name with WA1's "Calamity" Jane Maxwell, though the two characters do not appear to be otherwise related. Like Jane, however, Virginia favors dual pistols in combat, so perhaps it could be more than mere coincidence. Interestingly, it is Virginia's rival, Maya Schroedinger, who seems to have inherited Jane's character design! (Credit: Devin de Gruyl)
    Status: Unverified

    Miscellaneous (Schroedinger's Cat): One of the characters accompanying Maya Schroedinger is a small catlike being known as Shady. At one point in the game, Shady tells of how Maya, as a small child, released him from a box that her father, a "crazy scientist," had placed him in. The implication is that Shady is, in fact, Schroedinger's Cat from the famous thought experiment. (Credit: Devin de Gruyl)
    Status: Unverified

    Wild Gunman (NES)

    Miscellaneous: Don't know if this is a cameo, but Wild Gunman was originally an arcade game that used 16mm film. When the wild gunman's eyes flashed you had to shoot him with a light gun - just like in this game. And yes, the original was by Nintendo. (Credit: Mark Kelly)
    Status: Unverified

    Wipeout (Multiplatform)

    Cross-Series (Various): Psygnosis jumped on the advertising bandwagon by placing billboards for several of their PSX games throughout the game (ex: Krazy Ivan). (Credit: Dire 51)
    Status: Unverified

    Wonder Dog (Sega CD)

    Miscellaneous: This is the oddest cameo yet, imo. I picked up a video cassette cleaner a year or so back and popped it in my VCR to clean it. Who should appear onscreen but Wonder Dog, hero of the obscure first generation Sega CD game Wonder Dog, holding a giant brush! He then proceeded to clean off the entire screen, while a Japanese woman said "When Wonder Dog with stop mark plate appears, push stop button". I guess Wonder Dog's been having a hard time finding work ever since Victor Musical Industries let him go back in '92 after his game tanked. (Credit: Dire 51)
    Status: Unverified

    Worms Armageddon (PS1)

    Cross-Series (Street Fighter 2): The fire punch and dragon ball attacks are a direct take-off of Ken/Ryu's dragon punch and fireball moves in the Street Fighter games. (Credit: Ragnorak-X)
    Status: Unverified

    Movie (Monty Python & the Holy Grail): One of the weapons, the holy hand grenade, is the exact weapon used to kill the monstrous 'killer rabbit' in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". (Credit: JediMasterGeo)
    Status: Unverified

    Wu Tang: Taste the Pain/Wu Tang: Shaolin Style (PS1)

    Cross-Series (Thrill Kill): The whole game is just a reskinned version of Thrill Kill only with one or two different finishing moves. (Credit: Andy Thorley)
    Status: Unverified

    Cross-Series (Thrill Kill): Belladonna from Thrill Kill is a hidden character, though oddly enough, she uses Tormentor's whip, rather than her own cattle prod. (Credit: Andy Thorley)
    Status: Unverified

    Cross-Series (Final Fantasy 7): There is an option to turn Method Man into a character called "Hystrix" who is a homage to Cloud Strife. He wears a similar outfit and carries the Buster Sword. The only real difference is that Cerith is bald. (Credit: Andy Thorley)
    Status: Unverified

    Programmers: The faces of some of the game's producers can be seen above/behind their names during the credit sequence. (Credit: Andy Thorley)
    Status: Unverified

    Products (Sony): After one of his fatalities, Rza will turn to the camera and shout, "Sony digital surround sound!", which is a reference to the speaker system...which is odd, because Sony had no part in the game. (Credit: Andy Thorley)
    Status: Unverified

    WWF Superstars (Arcade)

    Cross-Series (Double Dragon): Billy Lee from Double Dragon can be seen standing near the front of the audience, on both the left AND right sides, for some reason. Both games were made by Technos. (Credit: Andrew Rae)
    Status: Unverified

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